Your seller leads answered.

Your seller appts. booked.

Your valuable time free'd up.

The World’s Only REI-Specific Answering Service.

Never let tire-kicker calls interrupt while you’re with your family. Our agents are only trained in real estate and will take your lead calls for you while you’re vacationing with family or eating dinner.

John Binder
John Binder
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"Ever since I started working with this company several months ago I've had nothing but fantastic customer service. These guys are sharp, responsive and on the ball. Looking forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with Justin and everyone else at Call Porter."
Joey DeFilippo
Joey DeFilippo
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"Wow, these guys are excellent! They've really distinguished themselves with excellent customer service in the real estate investing industry. I am thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and service Call Porter provides!"
Anson Young
Anson Young
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"I've been investing in real estate for 10 years, and wish I had something like Call Porter for most of them. They are all absolute professionals that I trust my clients and sellers with. In fact, they treat my sellers like I would, and that not only helps with my company reputation, but helps me scale my business while people are being expertly taken care of. The technology and systems they are helping me put in place are invaluable!"
Young call center worker looking at laptop

You’re own “Personal” Phone Rep

When a lead calls in, Call Porter’s US-based receptionists are able to quickly see who the lead belongs to, and answer it appropriately. Never miss a lead call as long as you’re with Call Porter!

  • Answered with your company name
  • Your leads are linked exclusively to you
  • No language barriers or miscommunication 

Get your own “personal” lead intake.

Built by Investors for Investors

After being frustrated with low-quality phone services and tired of answering calls himself, Ryan Dossey (a 7-figure wholesaler and founder of Call Porter) created his own scripts, formulas, and processes to hire and train receptionists specific for REI.

  • 100% US-Based 
  • Book appointments with proven scripts 
  • Rapport built over the phone

Investor-specifc reps

beautiful advisor and handsome investor shaking hands at workplace

Professional Appointment Setting​

Our agents are trained in qualifying and getting the appointment using our own proprietary Call Control Script System. With the schedule you give us, our agents will fill your calendar up with quality seller appointments.

  • Linked with your calendar 
  • Tire-kickers filtered out
  • Proven scripting to get maximum quality appts.

Start booking quality appts

Call Porter allows you to:​


Close More Deals

Ramp up your deal flow by focusing on marketing and buying, not phone intake. With Call Porter, you can easily take 50, 75, even 100 calls per week without spending an extra minute on the phone yourself. 


Save Hours Of Time​

 The Call Porter team screens, qualifies, and schedules appointments with sellers who’re ready to sell, so you can stop wasting your time with bad-leads


Save Thousands of $$$ ​

A personal assistant handling inbound calls can cost at least $1,600 per month (not to mention the months you’ll waste training them). Call Porter costs a fraction of this and our staff are expertly trained in all aspects of real estate investing.


Enjoy More Freedom ​

You created a business for freedom, not a job. Stop spending hours on the phone qualifying and persuading your leads—Call Porter handles all this for you…and they do it well!

Wes Lawrence
Wes Lawrence
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Great value and ever better customer service. I highly recommend using Call Porter, they are the best in the business!
Chris Brecheen
Chris Brecheen
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I absolutely love Call Porter. They are an asset to my business. They are professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgable. I know that when a call is answered for my business that they are going to represent my company as good or better than I could. They save me time and effort. This allows me to focus on more essential activities that increase my pipeline and close more deals. I could not do what I do without them!
Mitchell Pater
Mitchell Pater
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It's so nice to literally not worry about my phone ringing. I am confident that call porter has my back on the calls and does everything to get an appointment. I focus on what I do best and they do the rest.