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What hours do our reps take calls?

We’re fully staffed from 8am-10pm Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, we’re closed. If you have concerns about availability, please send us an email at sales@CallPorter.com

What happens when my lead calls after hours?

All calls outside of business hours go to our professional voicemail. These voicemails are then automatically transcribed and sent to several people on our team via email, in real-time.


If a motivated seller leaves a voicemail telling you they’re in town for an hour and need to meet you on a Sunday… we’ll make sure you know about it. This is the process the founder of Call Porter uses in his business, which has led to more than 50 deals in 10 months.

Can I talk to the rep that spoke with my lead?

Yes, all questions about calls, scheduling, or conflicts are sent directly to Call Porter management. Most businesses charge an extra several hundred dollars a month to have an “account manager” you can call with questions. With Call Porter, you’ve got direct access to our management team at no cost.

Can your reps use my personal call scripts?

No, and here’s why: One reason Call Porter is such a powerful asset for your business is the way we handle your calls. You see, our entire approach is based on the principles from How to Win Friends and Influence People.


We’ve developed a proven, proprietary script based off tens of thousands of calls in more than 50 markets over the last several years. This script has led to hundreds of acquisitions and revenue.

Does your team make outbound calls?

No, Call Porter is an inbound answering service. But, we do offer data gathering services for your own outbound prospecting.

Will you take calls off a Sly Broadcast, Voice Cast, etc?

No, we will not take calls from Sly Broadcast, Voice Cast, or other similar services.


Call Porter is designed to hand the inbound leads generated off of Direct Mail, SEO, PPC, Bandit Signs, and other forms of direct marketing.

Who is working my calls and speaking with my seller leads?

All Call Porter personnel are seasoned sales, retentions, or collections representatives.


We have a proprietary talent pool that we scout from, and all applicants are put through our rigorous screening and training courses.


Plus, each new hire is given a 90-day probationary period before becoming a full-time Call Porter agent. This means your seller leads are speaking to highly skilled reps with a deep understanding in the nuances of real estate investing.

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