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Why We Believe In Honest Marketing (And You Should, Too)

The average person sees 5,000 advertisements per day.

And your ad is one of those.

Think about that: If I showed you 5,000 flashcards with a different advertisement on each in a 16 hour period (that’s 312 flashcards per hour, meaning you get to look at each for about 5 seconds), how many of those cards would you recall that evening?

Not many…

Which ones would you remember, though?

Well, you’d probably remember the ones that were so different from the others as to be nearly unforgettable and you’d probably remember the ones which addressed a specific problem you’re currently dealing with…

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The point is, we all see a lot of advertisements every day. And so as to keep from going insane, we only remember (or actually see) a tiny fraction of those advertisements — namely, the ones which resonate with our current situation or strike us as being different than the others.

What’s the best way to be different?

At Call Porter, we believe honesty and transparency stand out more than any other quality.

Let me explain.

No one trusts salespeople or marketers anymore (for good reason)

Ha! Might as well own it.

We’re like the witch doctors in the middle-ages, you and I.

We’re good at making money, we know how to convince people to work with us, and we know how to build relationships with our clients.

But the average person still doesn’t trust us — salespeople and marketers.

They think we’re tricky, manipulative, or downright unethical (only 3% of people trust sales professionals).

Why do they think that?

Because many salespeople and marketers are untrustworthy — they’ll do whatever they to need to make a quick buck. Which is why honest marketing is so memorable.

Why didn’t that salesperson seem desperate? 

Why didn’t they try to rip me off?

That ad seems mostly interested in what I want — odd.

Honest marketing and salesmanship is like a breath of fresh air for your prospects. Finally, someone they can trust. Finally, someone who has their best interest in mind. Finally, someone who will work to make their life easier.

Take this ad as an example…

(Image Source)

The company points out a weakness of their business, then uses that to illustrate what makes them different. They make the skeleton dance.

Here’s another example I love from a real estate agent.

The ad copy said: “Not a very nice one bedroom flat but like the budgie it’s cheap; open plan, has a well used kitchen, and if you can call it this – a small lounge.”

(Image Source)

That real estate ad received a ton of PR and sold quickly.


Because honest marketing is so damn unusual today. And that applies to selling products or services. In your advertising, in your marketing, in your cold calling — in all of it — honesty sets you apart from your competition. It makes you more trustworthy, it helps you attract the right people (people who you can actually help), and it sets you up to be successful in the long-term.

That’s why, at Call Porter, we’re hedging our bets on honest marketing.

The Call Porter perspective…

If it’s a match, it’s a match!

(Image Source)

At Call Porter, we’re going to tell you the truth. We’re going to serve our members as best we can. We’re not going to cut corners. And, if our service isn’t a fit for your business, then we’re not going to try and convince you to work with us — that doesn’t do anyone any good.

(Heck — we might even recommend an alternative service that would be a better fit for your business)

Of course, I work with Call Porter because I honestly believe that we offer a top-tier service that applies to many real estate investing companies. But I also understand that our service isn’t for everyone.

Since we use U.S.-based reps, train them in real estate specifically, and have an in-house call center, we’re a bit more expensive than other general call centers (you could sign up with Call Answering Service for as low as $34 per month, for example). We don’t use our member’s scripts, but stick to our own proven sales system. And we are going to keep iterating and adding services that help our clients.

Our level of dedication and our associated price-point isn’t for everyone. Maybe you want to build your own sales team. Or maybe you love sales and want to answer the phone yourself.

More power to you! That’s awesome.

Another example of honest marketing and going after your target market

But we work with people who want to work on their business rather than inside their business. We work with investors who are tired of answering the phone, how much time that takes from their day, and want to delegate that to someone they can trust (without training their own reps).

Often, we also work with investors who have a dedicated Acquisitions Manager that further removes them from the internal daily workings of their business, allowing them to optimize processes and focus on growth.

Is that you?

Well, you can schedule a free demo with us over here. Maybe we’ll be a fit for one another. Maybe not. I don’t know. But at least you’ll have a better idea of what we do and what we’re offering our members.

Oh — and as far as your own business goes… give honest marketing a try.

I know it’s easy to get caught up in marketing and sales deception when you’re dying to close. But the businesses that succeed a long ways down the road, the businesses that you respect the most, the ones that will stand the test of time…

Those businesses are the ones which build upon a foundation of honest marketing. Even the people who’ve never paid them a dime believe that they’re trustworthy, and would turn to them if they were in need of their services.

That, we believe, is the only kind of business worth building.

Honest marketing creates long-term, sustainable wealth and you build something that you can be proud of.

What do you think? Is honesty worth it?