Now answering calls 24/7 

Why Us?

Call Porter was built off the experience of investors. We personally use the service in our markets every day. Several of our clients are friends, family and even our mentors. Our goal was to revolutionize the live answering expectations of investors. The team taking your calls should know how probates, evictions, foreclosures, and divorce affect property owners. How can you expect someone to build rapport around a topic they don’t understand?

Quality of Reps

We have a proprietary talent pool that allows us to staff with sales, collections and rapport building professionals. We live monitor calls daily, coach weekly, and review all stats monthly. Our staff takes thousands of calls per month just for investors. We’re not booking dental cleanings, following up for a hair salon and then pretending to be investors.

Competitive Pricing

With our pricing model, you always know what your bill is going to be. We’re not charging you per minute, by the call or by appointment. We charge a flat rate based on the amount of Direct Mail and PPC that you’re doing. It doesn’t change month to month. We don’t penalize you for getting a killer response rate!

With Call Porter You Have:

  • Direct Access to our CEO.
  • An Average Answer Time of Under 13 Seconds.
  • Real Estate Specific Reps.
  • Our Custom Podio CRM.
  • Instant Calls to PPC leads.
  • Call Porter Perks!
  • A professional and enthusiastic team answering calls and building rapport with your clients.
  • Accountability, our CEO regularly monitors and trains all of our representatives to maintain the highest possible standards.

Call Porter Promise:

We will never offer, sell, or endorse a product or service that we haven’t personally made money with in our investment business. Our cold calling data has made us over $100,000 this year. Our Live Answering has allowed us to close on over 50 houses this year (working part-time). We believe in avoiding even a hint of impropriety. If you ever have a concern we’ll rectify it.