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8 Best Wholesale Cold Calling Scripts We’ve Ever Seen

Looking for scripts to use when you’re cold calling sellers for your wholesaling business?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve compiled 8 of our favorite live cold-calling videos and scripts right here on this page — we’ll explain what we like about each and why we think they work so well.

By the end, you’ll be able to create a script of your own.

But before we get into that, we need to discuss five quick tips in order to dispel some misconceptions about wholesale cold calling.

5 Quick Wholesale Cold Calling Tips

These tips are taken from the live cold calling video scripts below.

You’ll notice some similarities across all of the examples we share in this article. Five things, in particular. Here’s what those five things are… and why they’re important.

1. Track Everything

Before you pick up the phone and start cold calling, you need to have the proper software in front of you to take notes.

What about?

Things such as…

  • Right phone number or wrong phone number.
  • Do not contact or follow up. Plus WHEN to follow up.
  • Unique situations about the seller that will impact how you interact with them.

Why is this important?

Because you’re not just calling these people once… you’re going to be interacting with some of these people periodically over the next 6-12 months as they decide what to do with their property. It’s important to take notes and keep all of your lead data updated and squeaky clean.


Use a CRM! We’ve ranked the 10 best CRMs for real estate investors over here — go check it out and choose the one that best fits your needs.

2. Use The Right Tools

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Wholesale cold callers know not to just pick up their phone and dial one number at a time… if you do that, it’s going to take FOREVER to get ahold of people or generate leads.

(because a lot of people won’t answer the phone)

Instead, use a predictive dialer like CallTools or Batch Dialer — this software will allow you to call lots of numbers all at once but only interact with calls that get answered.

Efficiency is the name of the game when you’re cold calling.

Make use of these tools to generate more leads in less time.

3. Nail Your Tone of Voice

Listen carefully to the tone of voice of each of the examples below.

They aren’t pushy, their tone is level and friendly, but not “salesy”. They sound more like an individual than they do the representative of a business.

And that’s important.

Nailing your tone of voice when you’re cold calling is at least half the battle. If you sound calm and collected — like a person, not a salesperson — then people will respond more positively to the interaction.

4. Admit The Awkwardness

You’ll also notice on a lot of these calls that the wholesaler isn’t afraid to admit it’s a little awkward.

They say things like…

“Sorry to contact you like this…”

“I know it’s a little weird for me just to call you out of the blue…”

Those might seem counterproductive, but saying things like that actually help build rapport with the seller.

So don’t be afraid to admit that you know it’s a little weird you’re contacting them like this, and then get to the point of why you’re doing so anyways.

5. Scripts Only Go So Far

There are a lot of Google searches every month for “wholesale cold calling script” (around 300) and similar phrases.

Maybe that’s how you arrived on this page.

But the truth is… scripts will only take you about 20-30 seconds into any given call. From there, the conversation is going to be different each time based on the seller’s response.

And you’ll have to adapt.

In fact, one of the most important skills you can learn as a cold caller is how to mirror the seller and adapt to the conversation based on how it’s going.

Don’t just follow a script blindly — try to have a conversation.

With those tips out of the way, let’s dive into the 8 best wholesale cold calling scripts we’ve ever seen.


1. King Khang

In this video, King Khang emphasizes the fact that you have to capture the seller’s attention in the first few moments of each cold call.

If you don’t get those first 10 seconds right, they’re going to hang up.

How does he do it?

Here’s what he says:

“Hi. My name is Khang, I work for a group of investors that are looking to buy properties in the area for cash. Do you have a property that you’d be interested in selling? Or maybe would you consider a risk-free no-obligation cash offer from us?”

Khang mentions that he likes to act as though he’s just a go-between for the seller and the people who are interested in buying their house for cash — that gives him more power when he’s negotiating and makes it feel more like he and the seller are on the same side.

It also allows him to approach negotiations from a neutral angle — if it works, great, if it doesn’t, great.

Check out the video below.

 2. Kyle Krason

You’ll notice that Kyle Krason is using multiple tools to keep track of the leads he generates and entertain himself while he’s waiting for calls to get answered.


What does he say when the calls get answered?

It’s pretty genius actually.

“Yeah, hey [name], it’s Kyle. How are you doing?


I know it’s an unexpected phone call. I was just calling about a property I think you own at [address]. I was just wondering if you’ve thought about selling that house and if you’d consider an offer?”

You’ll notice that this script is great at keeping people on the phone and getting more information out of them.

Check it out.

3. Danny B.

We love this wholesale cold calling script because it’s simple and straight to the point.

Plus, since it starts with a question, people are more likely to stay on the line and help if they can.

Here’s what Danny B. says when cold calling:

“Hey. Sorry to bother you. My name is Dan. I’m looking for the owner of [address]. Is that you?” 

This is great.

Right off the bat, he’s apologizing for cold calling the person. He tells them his name. And he tells them why he’s calling: to find the owner of a specific property.

If the person says that they’re not the owner, then he asks them if they know the owner.

Check it out.

4. Biz Matthew

The best part about this video is that Matthew keeps the prospect talking.

That’s one of the most important parts of cold calling. You want to keep people talking. Statistically speaking, the longer you’re on the phone with someone, the more likely that call is to turn into a deal down the road.

Here’s the script Matthew is using:

“Hi. [Name]?


This is Matthew. I know this is random. But I’m looking to add another property to my portfolio. Just wanted to reach out to see if you’d ever consider a cash offer on your property at [address]”?

5. Jerry Norton

Importantly, Jerry Norton points out that there’s no such thing as a perfect script.

Your only job when cold calling is to find motivation with sellers, not to create it.

You just want to ask the right questions and have a conversation that, if the seller is motivated, will point things in the right direction… and if they’re not, will reveal that as quickly as possible.

In other words, you’re not being a salesperson. You’re just telling people who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.


Here are the scripts recommended by Jerry Norton when you’re explaining the value you provide:

Cash Offer: “I can buy your home with all-cash. Which means, unlike most buyers, I have the funds available right now and I don’t have to qualify for bank financing.”

Speed: “Since I have the funds ready right now, we don’t have to wait and can close on the sales as fast as you want to.”

As-Is: “As an investor, I will purchase your property exactly how it is. That means, unlike most buyers, with me you don’t have to spend a dime to fix anything.”

Life Challenges: “Unlike with most buyers, I will pay all of the costs associated with selling the property so it won’t cost you anything. And to help you get a new start in life, I will even pay for a packing and moving service and the first month’s rent. I’ve even secured a home for you that fits your budget and needs.”

Recap: “To recap, I am offering you all-cash for your property, which means I don’t need to qualify for bank financing. I can close as fast as you want so you don’t have to wait to get paid and I’ll even buy your home as-is and pay all of the closing costs so you don’t have to do a thing and it won’t cost you a dime to sell me your home… how does that sound?”

Check it out.

6. Lili Thompson

Keep this in mind.

Imperfect action is ALWAYS better than inaction. 

When it comes to cold calling, most people are nervous. That makes sense. It’s weird and awkward (at first). But that doesn’t matter. You’ve just got to do it.

Taking action is the most important thing.

Watch the video below from Lili Thompson to see someone who’s slightly nervous making their first cold call.

If she can do it, you can do it, too!

Here’s what her script looks like:

“Hi. I realize this is kind of random. But I’m calling about the property you own on [address]. I’m a local investor and we’re buying some houses in that neighborhood.”

7. Max Maxwell


We’ve looked at quite a few successful wholesale cold calling scripts.

How about we watch Max Maxwell — who’s great at cold calling sellers — critique a bad cold calling script?

Check it out!

8. The Mamba Investor

Out of all the videos so far, Brandon Israel probably nails his tone of voice the best. It’s friendly, approachable, and doesn’t sound at all like that of a salesperson.

Here’s what his script looks like…

“Hi. Good morning [name]. How are you?”


“My name is Brandon. I’m a local investor here in [town]. I’m sorry to call you out of the blue like this. But I’m calling in regards to the property at [address]. I’m wondering if you’re interested in selling that property?”

Check it out.

Final Thoughts

By now you should have a pretty good idea of what great wholesale cold calling scripts look like… and what not-so-good scripts look like.

You’ve seen people succeed and fail in these videos.

Now it’s your turn.

Collect your data, choose your software, and start cold calling.

Success favors action… even imperfect action.

Good luck!