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These 3 Things Need To Happen For Your Wholesaling Business To Reach 7 Figures

It’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot over the years…

What separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones?

More specifically for our purposes, what separates successful real estate investors from unsuccessful real estate investors?

There are lot of factors, to be sure.

But the majority of people win or lose for the same reasons… just a few common denominators that separate the successful from the unsuccessful.

And from our experience working with real estate investors who own 7 figure businesses, here are three things that they all have in common… thing that must happen if you’re going to break the million-dollar threshold.

1. You Have a Hard Working Team

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The quality of your team will determine your business growth and how fast you reach your goals.

I thought about putting some qualifiers in that sentence… but this is difficult to exaggerate.

Where leadership and internal processes matter (which they DO), the quality of the people on your team matters twice as much.

Because no matter how hard you work to inspire your employees, no matter how clean your processes… if the people aren’t hard-working, grateful, and determined to do their jobs well… then you’re going to fight an uphill battle.

We experienced this reality first-hand at Call Porter when we dismissed a lackluster employee — all of the sudden, other employees were inspired to work harder, they did their jobs better, and bottle-necks disappeared.

The impact was immediate and surprising.

Hiring A-players is NOT something that you want to have wiggle-room on, even if it’s a little time-consuming.

With high-quality people in place, your business will grow faster and with less friction.

2. You’re Learning From Someone Who’s Done What You’re Trying To Do

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It’s possible to grow your business to 7 figures without listening to the advice of people who’ve been-there-done-that…

It’s possible in the same way that getting struck by lightning, getting eaten by sharks, and getting abducted by aliens is possible.

Sure — it could happen. But it probably won’t.

And as entrepreneurs, we should be stacking the dice in our favor whenever possible. Building a business is already full of risk, so let’s not take chances unnecessarily.

Hire a coach who’s built a successful real estate investing business, join a mastermind, hang around millionaires… take every opportunity to be around and learn from people who’ve done what you’re trying to do.

That will grow your business faster than anything else.

3. Your Business is a Well-Oiled Machine

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As an entrepreneur, your ultimate goal is freedom.

You want to spend more time on the things that matter most in life. You want more time with family, more time on vacation, and more money to do all of it.

Meanwhile, you don’t want to worry about money or worry about business.

You want to enjoy your life.

Sadly, most entrepreneurs build a business that imprisons them. They micromanage internal processes, keep a death grip on the details of every detail, and struggle to trust the people they’ve hired.

At some point, they look back and wonder what went wrong…

The only way to really escape the grind is to hire people you can trust and create processes that turn your business into a well-oiled machine so that your business will keep running when you’re away.

Using a service like Call Porter is a step in the right direction. We answer your phone and schedule follow-up appointments with your leads so that you can focus on more important tasks.

We’re working with hundreds of real estate investors around the U.S.

You can take our free demo over here to learn more.

However you decide to do it, your primary job is to hire people and create processes that allow your business to run on autopilot.