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5 Ways That Call Porter Can Save You Time and Make You Money

How much does one lost deal cost you? 

That’s the question, isn’t it?

Whether you lose a lead because you hurried the phone conversation with a motivated seller, forgot to press on the right pain points, or didn’t answer the phone at all, the truth is the same: one lost deal equals $5,000 to $10,000, maybe more. 

Never to be seen again (except by your competitors, of course). 

The same is true for your time, though. That’s why you didn’t answer the phone or hurried the conversation in the first place. You were having dinner with your family, at the movies, or playing ball with your kid and you didn’t want to prioritize work over family time. 

So… your hands are tied. 

One way, you lose money (and market positioning). 

The other, you lose time with your family. 

If you’re like me, you don’t want to sacrifice either of those things. 

Well, that’s why we started Call Porter, where we help investors just like yourself save precious time with family and scale their business. 

Here’s how we do it. 

#1 – Time Saver: Waste no time on the phone with unqualified, chatty leads.

I don’t need to cite stats about how much time chatty, unqualified leads can cost you. You’re all too familiar with those dollar-swallowing conversations. They have lots of questions, might even pretend that they’re serious about working with you, but the entire things leads to nothing. 

In the end, you lose time doing things that you love and mission-critical things that could scale your business. 

With Call Porter’s expertly trained real estate sales reps answering the phone for you, you only talk to pre-qualified leads, not time-wasting tire-kickers.

#2 – Money Maker: Don’t lose deals from hurried conversations with motivated sellers.

This is the crux. You don’t want to spend time on the phone with unqualified leads but you also don’t want to lose deals because you didn’t answer the phone. 

As it is, the only way for you to know who’s qualified and who isn’t is by answering the phone and having a conversation with them. 

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Unfortunately, that’ll never change. 

But you can change who answers the phone – it doesn’t have to be you. 

It shouldn’t be you. 

You could hire someone to do it for you. Or you could sign up with Call Porter, spending less money and getting better results. Which leads to the next point. 

#3 – Money Saver: Spend less money outsourcing your inbound call management while using high quality salespeople.

Okay – you know that outsourcing your inbound lead management can save you time since you’re on the phone less. You also know that it can make you money by not losing deals due to unanswered or hurried phone calls. 

But… why Call Porter? 

Why not just hire someone yourself, train them, and have them answer phone calls for you? 

Wouldn’t that be more cost effective, give you more control, and ensure higher-quality phone conversations than working with a business like Call Porter? 

That’s a great question. 

And the answer is simple. 

First of all, every single one of our sales reps is trained specifically to talk with motivated sellers. They understand motivation and condition, are required to ask for an asking price twice, have to ask if that price is flexible, and they’ll even book qualified leads an appointment to talk with you or your acquisitions manager. 

Additionally, we answer 99.93% of all calls live (they don’t go to voice mail) and the average call is picked up in less than 12 seconds. 

Last but not least, we’re a heck-of-a lot cheaper, easier to implement, and higher-quality than hiring and training your own assistant. 

We can start taking calls for your business within 48 hours and our pricing structure scales with your business. 

Sure – you could spend more money and time training someone yourself, but why? Our professionally trained, U.S. based reps answer more than 10,000 inbound phone calls every month for several hundred investors around the nation – increasing their time-freedom and helping them scale their businesses.

As my pops said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You can schedule a demo over here to learn more. 

#4 – Money Maker & Time Saver: Scale your business without spending more time on business minutia.

How do you scale a business? 

Do you answer more phone calls, spend more time qualifying leads, and go to look at every motivated seller’s house personally? 

No. Of course not. 

You outsource. You delegate. To scale your business, you need to give up certain responsibilities so that you can spend more time on the lever-movers of your business – optimizing processes, hiring the right people, and ensuring the machine keeps running. 

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It’s the difference between working inside your business and working on your business. One will maintain where you’re at, the other will help you scale.

Call Porter’s service saves you time talking to unqualified leads (and ensures you don’t lose deals at the same time) so you can use your valuable time building the business you set out to build in the first place. 

#5 – Time Saver: No more time stressing about unpersuaded leads, vibrating cell-phones, or hour-long conversations that lead to nothing.

How much time do you waste thinking about unqualified leads that you might be able to convince or how you might be able to convince them? 

Any time spent thinking about that is too much time.

Every year, workplace stress results in about $300 billion worth of could-be productive hours – not to mention that stressed employees spend 46% more on healthcare than their calm and collected counterparts. 

An unqualified lead isn’t worth your headspace. Your time is far better spent talking to and thinking about motivated sellers. 

With Call Porter, you only talk to leads that our expert team pre-qualifies as motivated and profitable. No more stressing about lost deals or ringing cellphones. Sit back and build your business. 


You don’t want to sacrifice precious time with your family, beer with friends, or doing whatever it is that you love. But you also don’t want to sacrifice tens of thousands of dollars every year. 

I get it. It stinks. 

But that’s why we built Call Porter. To help investors just like yourself save time, make money, and build the business that you set out to build in the first place. 

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P.S. Call Porter is growing. We grew by 600% just last year. To ensure that we can pay our expert reps what they deserve and provide our customers with the quality call service that they want, our prices will be going up on January 1st. But if you sign up with us before that, we’ll let you in at the current premium price-point for the length of your contract. If you’re wondering whether Call Porter is for you, now is the time to try us out