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REsimpli: The Best CRM For Real Estate Investors in 2023

Time is money, and few professionals are more aware of this fact than real estate investors. Between scouring neighborhoods for distressed properties, hunting down owner information, calling hundreds of leads, sending direct mail, and following up on offers, it’s all too easy to run out of time.

When you’re bouncing back and forth between your CRM, accounting software, and lead management tools, something’s bound to get missed. Forgotten. Unlike in other professions, however, where you can simply pick up where you left off the next day, real estate investors that leave their to-do list undone often leave money sitting on the table.

If you could prevent leads from falling through the cracks, wouldn’t you?

Discover why more real estate investors are choosing REsimpli

In this post, we review one of the most intuitive, comprehensive CRMs available for real estate investors: REsimpli. We dig into what the software is, how it works, and why investors everywhere are flocking to REsimpli for their business management needs. Learn more about the software designed and used by real-world real estate investors, just like you, who were sick of juggling multiple software and subscription services in order to manage their business.

What is REsimpli?

REsimpli is a powerful all-in-one CRM created by real estate investors for real estate investors. In a single software, REsimpli users manage their business, organize property lists, follow-up with leads, track financials, manage buyer marketing, and so much more. With a list stacker integrated with a dialer, REsimpli allows you to handle every step of your prospecting and sales all in one place

How does REsimpli work?

The simplicity of REsimpli is one of the inclusive CRM’s best features. With just a few clicks, new REsimpli users are up and running in under a minute. For investors seeking a setup walkthrough, no-cost onboarding services are available to assist at no additional cost. Setup is so simple, in fact, that investors can sign up and start using the system immediately.

Built-in services, automated tools, and live char support make REsimpli a great choice for individual investors looking to scale. Access all of the software and tools you need to manage your business in one place. Start by uploading your contacts into the system and watch data analysis start working right away. Follow leads through the prospecting process, initial contact, follow-up, marketing, and beyond.

REsimpli’s Key Features:

REsimpli’s intuitive and integrated system features allow real estate investors to organize their lead data, automate marketing campaigns, drive sales, and make better decisions with real-time financial data–in a single software. Manage your entire business in one place, eliminating the need for multiple applications and subscriptions.

Organize lead data

Manage your leads through the entire sales process, track property information, and keep every seller organized with REsimpli’s suite of lead management tools.

List stacking

REsimpli’s list stacking services keep investors organized. Use the CRM to import and stack existing lists without the need for additional software or a separate application. With built-in list stacking, investors can quickly identify properties that show up on multiple lists and identify the most motivated sellers. Identify duplicate properties, organize your leads, and segment sellers for targeted marketing campaigns in a snap.

Skip tracing

Find missing seller information fast with REsimpli’s skip tracing tool. Gather missing lead info with the same software system that houses your property database and manages your marketing campaigns Find missing phone numbers, mailing addresses, and other important seller information right from the CRM.

Driving for Dollars

REsimpli has changed the prospecting game with their integrated Driving for Dollars app. The next time you’re driving around, hunting for distressed or vacant properties, simply open the app to save property information, upload photos, or even send the homeowner direct mail! Property information is seamlessly loaded into the CRM to speed up prospecting and eliminate the lead to manually enter property details later.

Automated marketing

Whether you’re following up on a seller’s first text, attempting to reschedule an appointment, or following up on an offer, REsimpli can help you do it faster with a built-in phone system, automated drip campaigns, and direct mail services.

Built-in phone system

With REsimpli, investors can manage lead communications right in their CRM. Users receive five free phone numbers on the basic plan, with the ability to assign different numbers to various lead sources. With customizable call flow and automated alerts, REsimpli makes contacting motivated sellers effortless. Speed dial leads, leave ringless voicemails, and schedule automated SMS to keep lead follow-up going, even when you’re out of the office.

Automated drip campaigns

Optimize your lead management strategy with automated drip campaigns. Select and schedule a variety of drip actions including SMS, ringless voicemail, and call reminders. Quickly add, remove, and update marketing campaigns, and customize drips to target various seller types.

Personalize seller messages, identify drip triggers, set the duration of lead campaigns, and more. Automated drip campaigns function like an additional team member, working on your behalf 24/7. Just set it and forget it.

Direct mail services

Within the CRM, real estate investors can quickly create and send high-quality, low-cost direct mail. Optimize your marketing using REsimpli’s readymade mailer templates. With access to more than 90 built-in templates at no extra cost, you can start sending direct mailers as soon as your leads are in the system.

Website hosting

REsimpli replaces yet another subscription service by offering website services directly through the CRM. REsimpli users can cut additional website hosting expenses, like a subscription to Carrot, by managing their website in the same system as the rest of their business. If you already have a domain name, you can host your website in REsimpli free of cost. If you need to build a website from scratch, the system can do that too. Users can pick from a variety of ready-made website templates, edit their own content, and publish blogs right from their CRM.

Drive sales

Optimize your entire sales process, from start to finish. Stop leads from falling through the cracks and boost conversions with REsimpli’s sales tools.


REsimpli is an all-in-one integrated and inclusive CRM. Investors who use REsimpli have one software to replace multiple systems, eliminating the need for additional phone service subscriptions, accounting tools, or a separate Driving for Dollars app. Save time with intuitive automated tools and save money by streamlining your sales process, eliminating the expenses associated with multiple software and platform subscriptions.

Cash Buyer management

Keep all of your cash buyers in one place with REsimpli’s intuitive buyer management system. Manage your properties, marketing, buyers, and more, right in the CRM. Investors can contact segmented groups quickly, sending a text blast to reach multiple buyers at once.

Built-in E-sign

With REsimpli’s built-in E-sign feature, investors no longer have to rely on third-party apps to execute contracts. Create, save, and share legally binding contracts with buyers and sellers through the CRM.

Manage financials

Comprehensive, real-time financial tools allow investors to see up-to-date accounting data at any time. With REsimpli, investors have the ability to track every single dollar that goes into their business.

Comprehensive KPI Dashboard

View all of your KPIs in one place using REsimpli’s comprehensive KPI dashboard. Updating in real-time, the dashboard provides you with critical financial and performance data, allowing you to make more informed decisions with up-to-date information. The system tracks a variety of key performance indicators that investors need to make profitable offers, track team progress, and identify opportunities for improvement. Quickly track revenue data, marketing campaign performance, outstanding tasks, open offers, purchases, expenses, and so much more, all from the KPI dashboard.

Team Leaderboard

Track and analyze user activities for all the team members in your REsimpli account via the Team Leaderboard. View outstanding tasks, earned revenue, calls made, appointments, offers, and more for each user. With the Leaderboard, investors are able to see how every team member is performing. Identify opportunities for improvement, help team members catch up on outstanding tasks, and maximize the team’s sales potential using the Team Leaderboard. Customize the Leaderboard’s view to share performance recaps with your team members. Hide revenue totals, call times, or other information you don’t want other users to see.

Built-in Banking

REsimpli’s CRM has full accounting functionalities built right in. Link your bank accounts to track purchases, sales, offers, expenses, and get a clear picture of your financials in seconds. With built-in banking, investors never have to wonder if they’re making a profit or if they have enough funds to make an offer.

What are the benefits of using REsimpli?

We could go on and on about all of the features and tools included in REsimpli’s comprehensive CRM, but let’s recap the big picture points that real estate investors need to know instead. With REsimpli, you can:

  • Quickly import leads.
  • Export your data at any time.
  • Find missing seller information.
  • Manage multiple markets in one account.
  • Streamline lead management with automation tools.
  • Receive real-time financial updates for better decision-making.
  • Track lead status, upcoming tasks, and team member activities.
  • And. So. Much. More.

With zero customization required, interested investors can start using REsimpli right now. Everything you need to run a successful business, boost conversions, and close more deals is built right in.

How does REsimpli compare to other CRMs?

There are many CRMs on the market geared toward real estate investors. With different price points, services, and built-in features, investors have a lot of options. Let’s take a look at how REsimpli stacks up against its top competitors:

REsimpli checks more boxes than any of its leading competitors. As a matter of fact, the leading alternatives on the market don’t even come close. With an extensive list of integrated tools and proactive services, you can see why REsimpli is the pick for real estate investors who are looking for a comprehensive business management solution.

Final Thoughts:

REsimpli is a powerful, easy-to-use, and comprehensive CRM for investors. Up and running in less than a minute, REsimpli is ready to use right now. The expert customer support team is available to answer questions and work with investors to help them get the most out of the revolutionary software.

With mobile-friendly tools and integrated services, REsimpli was designed for modern investors on the move. Their flexible pricing options fit all budgets, working for individual investors as well as large teams. While REsimpli may be pricier than some of its competitors, it is one the most robust CRMs available, offering a wide array of built-in services and tools others do not.

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