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Real Estate call center services are vital to wholesalers, flippers, and landlords alike. We get asked by clients all the time why they should switch from (competitor a) or (competitor b) to Call Porter. As investors ourselves we know just how hard it can be to transfer over a service that is so vital to your business. (Or give up control in the first place!)

The #1 reason you need a real estate call center is legitimacy.

If a motivated seller calls in and starts to ask questions you need to count on your answering service to be able to answer questions intelligently. A $10 an hour Craigslist hire simply isn’t going to understand your business. How can you expect them to be an awesome first impression for your brand when they don’t understand what you do?

Most call centers will take calls for anyone throwing money at them. This means that their reps are simply reading scripts for dozens of different business genres a day. Our cheeky quote is “Gone are the days of your answering service following up on a dental cleaning, booking an oil change, and then pretending they are an investor.”

The #2 reason you need a real estate call center is technology.

We have spent tens of thousands of dollars building out a Podio workspace that allows our staff to book appointments for you without timezone glitching. What is timezone glitching? Google Calendar and its competitors are too smart for their own good.

If we were to try to book an appointment for you from a different timezone Google will adjust the time of the appointment to match your timezone. So if we book a noon appointment from our staff in Missouri and you’re on the East Coast Google is going to assume we meant 1 PM your time. As you can imagine… This doesn’t go over too well. If you’ve already got a kicking Podio space our developers can integrate so everything runs smoothly for you and you don’t have to change a thing! Click here for more info.

The #3 reason you need a real estate call center is accountability.

As investors ourselves we’re often spending upwards of $20,000 + a month on direct mail, live answering, SEO, PPC, FB ads, signs, and more. That being said, we test EVERYTHING on our business before we roll it out to our clients. Our scripts, systems, and techniques have been proven on thousands of calls a month from New York to LA. We will bend over backwards to help you succeed. Check out more of our reviews to see for yourself!


The final reason you need a real estate call center is loss prevention.

How much profit do you average on one deal? Most answering services take upwards of 45 seconds + to answer your calls. At Call Porter our average pick up time is under 12 seconds. That’s right at 2 rings. By using a sub-par/overloaded answering service you’re costing yourself tens of thousands of dollars a year. Motivated sellers are just that… motivated. If you don’t pick up, they’re calling their next letter, the next website, or their friend who is a realtor.

Fun Fact: When sellers call us and hang up before we get to them it gets logged in our system as an abandoned call. Even if they called in and disconnected their call within half a second… We call back EVERY SINGLE abandoned call every day. If you’re still taking your own calls… Do you do that? Most investors I know just write them off as not motivated if they didn’t leave a voicemail. 

Are you ready to treat your business like a business? Are you ready to build your own money printing machine?

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