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Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Real Estate virtual assistants  can be one of the best ways to efficiently scale your real estate business.

Where to look?

As investors ourselves we’ve had great luck finding data entry assistants, designers, and programmers on sites like Upwork.

What does Harvard Say?

Harvard Business Review did a study in 2009 stating that you should outsource anything you don’t specialize in. Their argument was that in the time you actually focus on your weaknesses you could get so much further reinforcing your strengths.

What should you outsource?

As real estate investors we have to be experts in deal analysis, fundraising, and project management. This is the reason we outsource things like PPCDirect Mail, and Skip Tracing.

If you’re an investor going direct to seller looking for off market real estate you’re going to want to outsource your calls at some point. We tried the name brands, overseas virtual assistants, and having our acquisitions managers field our motivated seller calls.

What we discovered was that it simply wasn’t their highest and best use.

Story Time

A client of ours used to have his acquisitions manager answer his calls. They set Call Porter up as a safety net and we picked up over 250 calls their first month. If only 1% of calls convert to a deal that would be a loss of 2.5 deals in a month. What’s one deal in your market net you? What’s one more rental worth? What is your net profit on flips?

Why us?

Our US Based reps are trained by investor for investors. Our average call is answered in under 7 seconds. Our reps are monitored and trained weekly. All of our clients have direct access to our general manager for promptness in resolving issues and answering questions. Call Porter is the only real estate call center handling live answering exclusively for investors.

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