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Real Estate Investor Live Answering

Real Estate investor live answering was paramount to my personal success in Real Estate Investing. It’s one of the main things that took me from 5 deals a year to over 75. My name is Ryan Dossey and I’m the founder of Call Porter. You can read more about me personally on our About Us page. In summary, I’m 24, run the #1 ranking “we buy houses” company in my market, own rentals, flip, wholesale, and I’m also a licensed broker. I was recently interviewed on the #1 rei podcast on itunes which you can check out here: The Real Dealz Podcast

In a recent article I went over why having a Real Estate Call Center in your systems is so important. When it comes to Real Estate investor live answering Call Porter is second to none.

Why us?

Our Staff understand the intricacies of divorce, probate, foreclosure, eviction, back taxes, and more.

You can’t expect a generic call room to adequately function as the gatekeepers of your business when they don’t understand your customers. (Ask me how I know this!)

We recently surveyed a large percentage of our existing clientele’ and wanted to share with you their findings.

The Results:

By having the professionals at Call Porter handle their inbound calls they’ve experienced positive increase in the following areas:

Closing percentages

Profit margin per deal

Customer satisfaction & reviews


Time freedom

Your Next Step:

While I may have founded Call Porter, I’m also one of their customers. I honestly couldn’t go back to the old way of listening to voice mails and playing phone tag with motivated sellers.

If you’re ready to treat your wholesaling, flipping, or rental business like a business… Head on over to our Contact Us page and set up a free consult.