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7 Best Software For Real Estate Investors Right Now

When it comes to growing your real estate investing business, choosing the right tools can mean the difference between you getting more done everyday — or struggling & fighting to make them work right.

If you choose the wrong tools, you could find yourself wasting a ton of time, energy, and money when you could be more efficient and effective.

Today, we’re going to help keep that from happening — and keep you from fighting with software that was supposed to make your life easier.

In this guide, we’ll break down 7 of the best services and software for real estate investors in 2023.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll see how to pull & build lists faster, discover hidden gems, stay organized, stack your data to uncover even more highly-motivated sellers, optimize your marketing and your team and, ultimately, get more deals done in less time.

But, first…

Why Real Estate Investing Software Matters

For small real estate investing businesses, managing your lead flow and operations with a simple spreadsheet and laptop is doable.

But it isn’t exactly efficient — and it definitely isn’t built to scale as your business grows.

This is especially true if you’re trying to operate in a competitive market.

You need to be able to move quickly and when you’re spending most of your time getting or staying organized, you’re already starting out behind your competition.

Here’s just a few of the ways advanced software can help grow your business:

  • Find new leads, pull lists, and organize your data.
  • Managing your online marketing and advertising.
  • Collecting rent from tenants and payments from vendors.
  • Quickly analyzing prospective deals.
  • Keeping track of the financials of your portfolio.

And more.

The goal should be to simplify your operations, become more efficient, and monitor the performance of your portfolio so you’re generating higher profits with less effort.

To help with that, there’s a few things you need to look for when you’re choosing real estate software to use in your investing business.

What To Look For in Real Estate Investing Software

Now, when it comes to finding the best software for your real estate business, there’s a few (or a lot) of things you’re going to want to look for.

1: The software should be adaptable to the types of property that you’re investing in, whether that’s single family, multi-family, rentals, land, you name it.

2: It should assist you in scaling up the business and growing with you as you grow, instead of becoming a limiting factor because it lacks features you’ll need when you start growing.

3: You should be able to access it from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or your phone so you can check and input data while you’re on the go or when you’re at the office.

4: It should be able to track the performance of your assets at both the portfolio level and at the unit level.

5: You should be able to import, organize, and keep all of your documentation stored online, within the software. This will keep you from having to hunt down documents later on.

6: The software should be easy to use with an intuitive interface that doesn’t require a 48-hour at-home-study program to understand.

7: You should be given the highest level of security when you’re storing personal information (either yours or your prospect’s) and that information should never be disclosed to outside parties.

8: You should be able to download end-of-year statements to help with preparing your year-end filing.

9: It should be affordable without being packed full of complicated features that you’ll never use.

10: The customer support provided with the software or service should be responsive and allow you to speak with a live person.

Based on that extensive list of criteria, we’ve put together a list of the software that helps us inside of our own businesses every day, as well as a couple services that are worth taking a look at.

Best Real Estate Investing Software (7 Recommendations)

As we begin working through this list, we’ll break down exactly how to use the software to get the most out of it for your business, as well as who it’s for and who it isn’t for.

Let’s get started with the list:

1: Propstream

Propstream is currently one of the best services available for building lists of properties that you can filter down and stack to uncover opportunities in your chosen market.

They’re the self-proclaimed “most trusted comprehensive real estate data provider nationwide” for good reasons. If you’re looking for an affordable source of reliable data, Propstream is the service you need.

With it, you can plug in your local area and generate lists based on the criteria you’ve input.

For instance, if you’re looking for absentee owners with high equity, you can filter the properties in your area with those criteria to quickly pull out leads that may be highly-motivated to sell.

Or, let’s say you specialize in foreclosures or bankruptcies and saving people from sticky financial situations. You can filter data to find those recent foreclosures or bankruptcies to begin marketing to them.

Core Features

  • Comprehensive Nationwide Data
  • Property Search
  • Targeted Leads
  • Accurate Comps
  • Up-To-Date Property Recordings
  • Rehab Cost Estimator
  • Mobile App

Propstream starts out at $49 per month but you’re able to get a free 7-day trial by clicking here.

2: DealMachine

If you’re driving for dollars (and you should be, it’s one of the best ways to find off-market deals), you need software like DealMachine in your business. It makes the driving for dollars process FAR more efficient.

For pulling niche lists, DealMachine is one of the best services you’ll use. The map select tool, access to MLS data, the ability to run comps, and an intuitive interface makes it easy for you to build lists.

You’re also able to upload lists you’ve built outside DealMachine to find out who owns the property so you can start marketing to them.

If you’re starting out on a smaller budget and driving for dollars, DealMachine can help you build lists that nobody else has access to — making you far more effective while you’re driving for deals.

Core Features

You can get access to DealMachine free for 7 days by clicking here, then plans start at $59 per month.

3: RESimpli

Staying organized is critical for growing your real estate business. Many investors end up spending more time trying to sort through notebooks and spreadsheets than they do trying to find new deals.

RESimpli helps eliminate that frustration by being one of the best CRMs currently available.

We’ve used just about every CRM available for real estate investors and there aren’t any that are comparable to RESimpli. It is, at the core, a real estate business in a box.

It helps you track your marketing KPIs, your expenses, manage your automations and follow ups so deals aren’t falling through the cracks, and track where every lead in your business is in the sales pipeline.

Anyone who owns a real estate business needs an all-in-one data management system that can help them be as efficient as possible, which is where RESimpli outshines every other CRM available.

Core Features

  • Sophisticated CRM software (with endless features & integrations)
  • Build-in Phone System & Dialler
  • List Stacking
  • Skip Tracing
  • Cash Buyer Management
  • KPI Monitoring

RESimpli offers a free trial so you can experience the software, then plans start at $99 per month.

To save 10% on your plan each month, use the discount code: CCCF.

4: Carrot

For building your real estate website and marketing your business online, it’s hard to beat the Carrot builder and everything it offers to your business.

There’s 101 different ways to build your real estate website these days. Some of them are incredibly easy, and some of them will require you to spend thousands of dollars hiring a developer.

If you’re not a web developer, though, or don’t have the budget (or desire) to hire one, Carrot can take that workload off your plate and make building your website as easy as possible.

While it may not be the cheapest option available, there’s a reason it’s become so popular among investors and agents: because the websites look great and simplify your online marketing.

You can get started with a professionally designed template, customize it to fit your unique branding, and then launch it — fully mobile and SEO optimized out of the gate.

Core Features

  • Basic Lead Manager
  • Campaign Tracking Links
  • Conversion Optimized Websites
  • Monthly Blog Content
  • SEO Keyword Tracking & Optimization

Carrot pricing starts at $69 per month if billed on a monthly basis. Click here to get started now.

5: Realeflow

Streamlining your operations, especially when you have a team of people helping you, is easy with real estate software like Realeflow. It is a suite of tools to manage your entire real estate business.

Realeflow is one of the few data services that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide you with up-to-date real time data on your chosen zip codes or markets.

To give you an example, the month I sold my personal home, Realeflow had my information on the list.

That’s when I became a life-long subscriber.

Realeflow helps you find new cash buyers and private lenders, gives you support for direct mail and email campaigns, and helps you quickly analyze deals and plan your rehabs.

Core Features

  • Comprehensive Data Toolset
  • Nationwide lead access including cash buyers and private lenders.
  • Deal Analyzer and Rehab Planner for investment property assessment.
  • Robust support for direct mail and email marketing campaigns.

Realeflow is not cheap but it’s worth every penny. You can either pay $75 per month per zip code for the artificial intelligence, or $1,500 per month for the entire market. Click here to try it out in your market.

6: OmniDrip

How (and how often) you follow up with the leads and prospects your lists will determine how quickly your real estate investing business grows. OmniDrip makes following up with your prospects easy.

For your email and marketing funnels, writing copy and messaging that converts, gets people returning your calls, replying to your emails, and wanting to move forward can be the hardest goal to achieve.

With OmniDrip, though, you’re able to plug in pre-built marketing campaigns that have been proven over and over again to generate responses, inbound calls, and help get more prospects to the closing table.

I can say that more than 80% of the deals I do have come through follow up campaigns.

That’s because I use messaging from REI OmniDrip to get in front of my prospects at the right time with the right message — messages built by one of the top copywriters in the real estate investing industry.

Core Features

  • 20+ different marketing sequences.
  • 400+ custom messages.
  • Free demo version.
  • Lots of Integrations with your existing tools.

If you’re slacking on your follow up or want to get even better results from your follow up campaigns, OmniDrip is a great way to hit those goals.

You can click here to give it a try and use the discount code “CCCF” to save 5%.

BONUSCall Porter

Unless you enjoy sitting around all day waiting for the phone to ring so you can answer it and make sure your leads are getting properly served, you’ll want to use a service like Call Porter.

Let’s face it: as a real estate investor, you’re trying to live a life outside the business and can’t be available to answer your phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And you don’t just want to hand that off to some amateurs who can’t help close the leads on booking appointments with you, either.

That’s where Call Porter comes in.

With a professionally trained real estate investing staff, the service makes sure you aren’t letting hot prospects fall through the cracks by answering your incoming calls for you.

Then, when those prospects book appointments, the appointments will be forwarded directly to your calendar so you can focus on what matters most: growing the business and living a life outside of it.

Core Features

  • US-Based Call Reps
  • Real Estate Investing-Trained Staff
  • 24/7 Call Answering (never miss a call again)
  • Simple to Set Up & Scale

If you want to give it a try, click here to listen to a couple of live conversations handled by Call Porter representatives.

Final Thoughts

With the right real estate investing software in your business, growing and scaling becomes a whole lot easier to do.

If you’re interested in being more efficient, generating higher profit margins, and optimizing the systems and processes in your RE business, the software featured on this list can help achieve those goals.