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Top 11 Real Estate Investing Courses For Beginners [2024]

What better way to learn about real estate investing than from those who’ve “been there, done that”?

Still, there are a lot of real estate investing courses out there on the web.

Some are good.

Some are… not so good.

How do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

That’s what we’ve done for you here.

We’ve compiled what we think are the 10 best real estate investing courses in existence right now — based on the people we know, the courses we’ve taken, and the things we’ve heard from the real estate investing community.

Here they are!

1. Ryan Dossey

Ryan Dossey is one of the most real coaches in the real estate investing world.

Not only is his real estate investment portfolio entirely self-made from the age of 26, but he’s also the founder of Ballpoint Marketing and Call Porter (that’s us!), two companies that serve real estate investors.

Ryan provides a ton of free value to the community through his YouTube Channel — which we highly recommend subscribing to whether you’re new to real estate investing or a seasoned expert (there’s something for everyone).

In terms of courses, on his website, Ryan offers a free ebook that teaches how he build his real estate investing business (using the BRRRR method) to nearly $9 million over 24 months.

He also runs the largest BRRRR mastermind group in existence called Create Cash Flow. His students in that mastermind have reported upwards of $50 million in cash flow. If you’re interested in checking that out, schedule a call on his website to learn more.

Finally, Ryan has a few more courses worth mentioning…

2. Real Estate Skills

Real estate entrepreneurs Alex Martinez and Ryan Zomorodi have been in the property investing game for over a decade.

Taking a contrarian approach to finding and flipping deals, they have developed a scalable system for acquiring real estate through the multiple listing service (MLS) without spending a dollar in marketing.

This “on-market” investment approach to wholesale real estate has been perfected over years of trial and error and has made them millionaires.

Martinez and Zomorodi have been teaching thousands of students their methods across their YouTube Channel, the Real Estate Skills Blog, and in their flagship course, The Pro Wholesaler VIP Program.

In our research, they seem to have the best step-by-step training program for wholesale real estate investors looking to leverage the MLS to find deals.

3. Discount Property Investor

We are big fans of David Dodge and the content he’s created for real estate investors.

He’s flipped over 700 homes and maintains more than 90 rentals in his own real estate investing business. His Instagram account has 90,000 followers and his YouTube Channel has 7,000 subscribers, both of which are worth checking out.

This link will take you to a library of his paid and free courses, which include…

  • Free Wholesale Course — This course is all about wholesaling real estate and it’s a great introduction for those who aren’t sure where to start. The curriculum includes content describing what wholesaling is and how it works, as well as how to find motivated sellers, make offers, use contracts, market properties, and close deals.
  • Start Flipping Deals — Even if you’re a total beginner, David’s Start Flipping Deals course will teach you how to start real estate investing for just $97.
  • Real Estate Coaching — For those of you interested in the BRRRR method and looking for some more hands-on help from a coach, check out BRRRR Method Mastery.

4. Chandler David Smith

At 23 years old, Chandler David Smith made his first real estate investment into a condo. He quickly realized the freedom and wealth that real estate investing could generate… and so he kept building momentum.

By the time Chandler was 31, he owned over 180 residential units, 160 storage units, and even a commercial office building, all in all, worth more than $30 million.


Us too!

The best part about Chandler, though, is that — even though he’s very successful — he’s also someone who is passionate about helping the real estate community.

His YouTube Channel has over 180,000 subscribers and documents his real estate investing journey. It’s jam-packed with free and extremely useful real-world how-to videos.

In terms of courses, Chandler only has this one available $497… but you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

You’re learning from one of the best real estate investors out there, and the course is backed 30-day money-back guarantee.

More specifically, you’ll learn how to choose a market, secure financing, build a team, pick a property management company, analyze deals, negotiate, close, take ownership, and tons more.

In our opinion, Chandler’s course is arguably the best, most practical real estate investing course on the internet today.

5. Springboard to Wealth

When he was just four years old, Thach Nguyen arrived in America with his parents, four brothers, and sister. The year was 1975.

And, as his website explains, “Focus, drive, determination, and great mentors paved the way for him to go from homeless refugee to a multi-millionaire.”

Nguyen is the real deal.

He’s built more than 300 homes and completed over 100 flips. He currently holds over 127 rental properties. And he’s even been ranked among the top 1% of real estate professionals worldwide.

Thach’s YouTube Channel is the primary place where he delivers deep, practical, and highly inspirational content for real estate investors.

But he also is one of the primary team members over at Springboard to Wealth, an online course that teaches new real estate investors how to own 10 rental properties over the next five years in order to build wealth and escape the rat race.

The best part?

His course is totally free!

If you’re new to real estate investing, check it out.

6. The Land Geek

Land investing is a fun and easy way to get started in real estate investing.

It’s typically a bit less expensive and less risky that fixing and flipping or even owning rental properties. After all, land alone doesn’t require repairs and the monthly payments are much smaller.

The Land Geek is the best place for learning how to invest in vacant land.

It was established in 2011 and has garnered over 4 million podcast downloads and 44k Twitter followers. Their YouTube Channel has 15,000 subscribers.

In terms of courses, The Land Geek has a few different options…

  • Investor’s Toolkit — This is for those just getting started. You’ll learn how to build a healthy foundation for your landing investing business.
  • Flight School — This 16-week program will help you learn what it takes to accelerate and scale your land investing business once you’ve already got it set up.
  • Coaching — For those looking for a more one-on-one learning approach.
  • Bootcamp — This is for those ready to scale and grow their land investing business to beat competitors and dominate their market.

7. Lili Thompson

Lili Thompson is one of the most-subscribed-to (and most likeable!) real estate investing coaches on YouTube — here’s her channel.

Lili is great because she’s down-to-earth and tells it like it is. She’s not afraid to cold call live to teach other investors how to do the same. And she’s happy to reveal exactly how her real estate deals happen.

Her YouTube Channel is jam-packed with awesome advice for real estate investors. Definitely subscribe.

On top of that, you can enter your name and email address over here to get Lili’s three most powerful resources for free…

  • Offer Sheet Template
  • Script For Calling Agents
  • Wholesaling Business Plan

Her content is awesome, whether you’re watching her YouTube videos or signing up for her email list.

Follow her.

8. Astro Flipping

Jamil Damji is nothing if not charismatic.

If you’ve been doing much research in the real estate investing niche recently, then you’ve probably been retargeted by his engaging and hilarious Facebook ads.

The good news is that Jamil’s flare is backed by real knowledge and results, particularly when it comes to wholesaling real estate.

He has 21,000 followers on his YouTube Channel.

Here’s the bio you’ll find on his AstroFlipping website…

Jamil has been in real estate since 2002 and since then, he’s mastered the art of Wholesaling Real Estate. He successfully built KeyGlee, which is now a National Franchise with over 100+ employees, spanning 180 US markets. Jamil also runs a mentorship called AstroFlipping where he teaches hundreds of entrepreneurs how to be successful in their own wholesaling businesses. 

What is AstroFlipping?

It’s where Jamil shares everything he knows about wholesaling real estate. You can apply to either try out his lower-tier plan, the Astro Accelerator, which is great for beginners. Or his Astro Accelerator Executive, which provides even more bang for your buck.

9. Talk To People

Brent Daniels spent a long time trying to figure out how to wholesale real estate… unsucessfully.

Eventually, though, he found someone who taught him how to do it. A guide.

Now he wants to be that same sort of guide for people like you — real estate investors who are still learning the ropes but want to build real wealth and freedom.

You can find tons of free value on Brent’s YouTube Channel, which has 66,000 subscribers. He has videos about everything from being more productive in your wholesaling business and finding cash buyers to cold calling sellers and making money in any market.

In terms of courses, Brent offers a free wholesaling introductory course that shows beginners how to get started. He also offers Elite Coaching, which is his wholesale coaching program.

10. Max Maxwell

It’s no surprise that Max Maxwell used cold calling as a primary strategy for growing his real estate investing business — when this guy talks, people listen.

He’s got a way of teaching that is extremely compelling.

His YouTube Channel provides tons of free value to the real estate investing community and currently boasts over 300,000 subscribers.

Max’s podcast is also worth checking out — it’s as jam-packed with real estate investing advice as it is with important mindset lessons for entrepreneurship.

And finally, he’s got a free playlist on YouTube to help you build your real esate wholesaling business from scratch.

11. Triple Digit Flip

Pace Morby’s mission statement is as follows:

“My passion is to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs and investors around the world. This is the kind of stuff that makes me excited to jump out of bed in the morning.

I’ll give you the access you need to THRIVE in creative real estate.”

Check out his YouTube Channel for free real estate investing tips and tricks (he has over 80,000 subscribers).

And while he doesn’t have a “course” per se, he does offer all of his real estate investing contracts — for assignment, foreclosure, cold calling, wholesaling, etc. — for free.

You can get his pile of contracts over here.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to become a real estate investor is a daunting task.

But there are a lot of people who have already done what you’re trying to do… and are more than happy to show you how to do it.

You can’t go wrong with any of the courses we’ve recommended in this article. The people behind each of these are experienced and legit.

Just choose the one that most piques your interest and give it a go!

There’s no better investment you can make than the investment you make in yourself.