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10 Great Real Estate Business Card Examples To Study

With the right business card design, you increase the odds that someone not only keeps your card, but remembers it when they need your services or want to work with you.

Since most people give out boring, bland, or mediocre business cards, making yours stand out doesn’t take much effort — outside of thinking about the design instead of just slapping something together.

To help get your creative wheels spinning and give your cards a chance to stand out against the stack of cards your prospects already have, take a look at these 10 business card examples.

Real Estate Business Card Examples

When you’re designing your own, don’t directly copy these designs. Instead, improve upon them with your own style, your branding, and the effect that you want the card to have on your prospects.

#1 – Berkshire Hathaway


When it comes to business cards, Berkshire Hathaway has one of the best designs we’ve seen.

The design is based on the classic business card size, shape and landscape layout but takes that design and flips it completely.

Instead of being laid out like a typical card in landscape format, Berkshire Hathaway lays it out in portrait landscape, giving it a unique look and feel.

This layout helps the card stand out with the design elements like color choice, typography, and visual elements help maintain the sleek, luxurious feel.

Being printed on thick, jet black paper helps make the company’s branding an even more prominent feature on the frontside of the card while the contact information is front and center on the back.

If your prospects receive a card like this, they’re going to hang onto it and remember who you are.

#2 – Forefront Real Estate


It’s rare that you see embossed and 3D cards — which is a shame because they’re so memorable and elegant that we believe more people should be using them.

This card design from Forefront Real Estate takes that unique look and feel and injects a modern take on a timeless layout.

The front of the card features a raised gold foil logo, helping it stand out from the classic black background while the back of the card features an inset black, shadowed logo.

The card stock also has raised edges, making it easy to stand out against other cards.

The contact information on the back of the card is focused where a reader’s eyes will land first, making it simple to find the information they’re looking for.

This type of design may be more expensive to produce than others on this list, and may take a bit of searching to find a printer capable of reproducing it, but the effort is well-worth the end result.

#3 – aussieLA


aussieLA is another real estate company that has adopted a unique approach to their business card design.

Instead of using the standard white front, white back, or black front, black back, the design from aussieLA takes a combination of both colors and uses it to make their cards stand out.

The front of the card features a black background with their kangaroo logo placed front and center, making it easy to remember who they are and what they do.

Then, the back of the card features a white background with their logo placed in the top right corner.

The contact information on the card is in an easy-to-read font, sized big enough to be scannable but not so large that it overtakes the design.

At the bottom right corner of the back of the card is a QR code that people can scan to be taken to the person’s contact page, making it incredibly easy to get in touch with them.

#4 – Century 21


If you’re looking to be remembered for more than a great business card design, this card from Century 21 helps people remember exactly who you are.

While this card looks incredibly simple, the design elements that have been chosen were chosen for very specific reasons.

The front features a prominent logo with a tan background and white font, making the text easily visible.

The simple colors and high resolution print makes the text stand out against the backgrounds while the professional headshot on the back of the card helps your clients remember your face and name.

The contact information is featured where people’s eyes naturally go first, making it easy for them to find your information and get in touch.

#5 – Jennifer J. Janzen-Botts


Another standout business card design for real estate professionals is the card from Jennifer J. Janzen-Bolts.

It uses a combination of contrasting colors, embossing, classic typography and big bold fonts that make reading the text easy.

On the front of the card, the design features a gray background with gold-laced, inlay text while the back of the card uses a rose gold background and features her name prominently in the upper righthand corner.

Then, the cardstock is lined with gold foil making the card stand out in a stack of other, less similar cards.

Each of these elements come together to create a prestigious presentation, helping showcase the high-end, luxury services that Jennifer offers.

If you’re working with the upper echelon of clientele, going the extra mile with a design like this can help you stand out, especially when most of your competition are giving out bland, boring business cards.

#6 – Vincer


Instead of taking the more traditional route with standard colors, fonts, and images, Vincer uses a more illustrative design with their card.

The playful design with the logo and colorful shapes, combined with a non-standard shade of salmon pink makes this card memorable and easy on the eyes.

A combination of the black font on the salmon pink makes the text easy to read and contact information is kept to a bare minimum so prospects aren’t being forced to scan a ton of information to figure out how to get in touch using their preferred method of contact.

#7 – One Five Eight Property


Another great design comes from One Five Eight Property.

This business card takes a minimalist approach to getting their information across, placing a strong emphasis on simplicity and elegance.

The thick card stock in a light gray shade makes the black logo stand out on the front of the design while the lighter text on the back helps keep the card from feeling overly busy or cluttered.

Each element on the card was specifically chosen to make sure it’s easy to find the information a prospect is looking for. It’s an incredibly simple design that has been proven to be effective.

#8 – Maze Real Estate


If you want your logo to be instantly recognizable, the design from Maze Real Estate is a great way to accomplish your goal.

On their card, a combination of black, orange, white, and gray are used to create contrasting colors while making sure their logo is featured prominently — making it the first thing prospects will see.

After seeing the logo, the font colors and typography naturally move people’s eyes from the logo to the person’s contact information.

Then, the most important information is set to stand out. In this case, it’s the phone number, email, website, and the person’s name.

#9 – MB Real Estate


Another great example of thinking outside the box is MB Real Estate.

For their business card design, they chose something a bit more dramatic than most of the companies you’ll see on this list.

Instead of using the traditional “flat” card, MB Real Estate chose to have their logo lifted from the card so it provides a 3D look and feel.

The simple design on the back of the card makes it easy for people to find their contact information and exactly what the business helps with.

The card also isn’t designed on the same paper that most cards are designed on. MB Real Estate has used a thicker-than-normal cardstock to make their design stand out even more.

If there were any design tips we could give them, it would be based around making the back of the card less busy and more like the next design we’ll look at.

#10 – Beehive Realty Group


Beehive Realty Group’s card is a great example of what to do when you’re trying to make it easy for people to remember you — and easy for them to contact you.

It’s an incredibly simple design, using contrasting colors to help make the logo and text pop off of the card.

The home logo is a unique spin on their name, Beehive, and what they do, realty. This reflects the look and feel of their branding and plays a key role in the design of the card.

When someone thinks of Beehive Realty, they’ll remember the beehive house logo.

Looking at the colors, icons, and typography used, you can see they’ve kept it incredibly simple, making it easy for anyone holding the card to quickly find the right way to contact the agent.

Real Estate Business Card Tips

Once you start putting together your business card designs, there’s a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

Tip #1 – Don’t Overdo It On Design

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to the design of their card is trying to include anything and everything they think a prospect could need to know.

If you take a look at the designs on this guide, you’ll notice that they’re not overly designed.

There’s no bright, flashy colors. Or busy text that’s hard to read. Or a ton of photos and images.

The best cards are short, simple, to the point and (more importantly) easy to read and remember.

Tip #2 – Make It Personal, But Keep It Focused

For your business card, you want people to recognize who you are when they read it.

What you don’t want to do, though, is make it too much about you.

At the end of the day, someone is reading your card because they believe you may be able to help them with something.

When you’re designing the card, keep that in mind by including a small personal touch, like a headshot, but keep it focused on how you can help them solve the problems they’re experiencing.

Tip #3 – Make It Easy To Contact You

If you look through the designs we’ve featured, you’ll notice that one key element is that the contact information has been prominently displayed.

It’s also been kept to a minimum.

That means you’ll want to include your phone number and email. If necessary, include your website.

You don’t have to include every single social media platform you’re on, though. That tends to make the card too busy and distracts from making it easy to contact you.

Tip #4 – Follow Proper Business Card Etiquette

Avoid using oversized, or metal, or other designs that “stick out”.

While they seem like a great idea, at first, what you’ll find is that they’re impossible to work with and end up getting tossed aside when they don’t fit inside of a wallet or Rolodex.

If you want your card to be kept (and remembered), keep it to what’s recognized as proper business card etiquette — size and shape, specifically.

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pressions matter more than ever.

One of the most effective tools for making a lasting impression is a well-designed business card. A great business card can convey professionalism, trustworthiness, and personality all in one small package.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 outstanding real estate business card examples that do just that.

From sleek, modern designs to cards that exude luxury and sophistication, these examples will provide valuable insights and inspiration.