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Brand New REI Lead Manager Service Helps This Tampa Investor Squeeze More Deals From His Leads…

April 2, 2024:

In 2023 Call Porter — a US-based, REI-trained, answering service—put their best calling reps into a new role: Follow-up and Lead management. And below you’ll hear from a Florida investor how much it’s dramatically changed the game for his business.

The reason they launched this new service was apparent:

They found out that most investors and wholesalers are losing more than 30% of their potential deals… to someone else!

That can mean more than $20,000 per month in lost revenue!

It comes from a lack of follow-up and not making (consistent) calls to their existing leads. Sure the business owner (the solo operator) can do it… but often they don’t. Because as soon as a lead stops answering a couple of times the owner moves on, calling that lead “dead”.

But the reality, the majority of those leads DO sell. 

Just not with that initial wholesaler. They’ve forgotten about the wholesaler and moved on. Enter Call Porter’s Fractional Lead Management service. That helps investors with the part they struggle with the most.

But it’s the part where 80% of the money is made in real estate.

Here’s Tampa investor, TJ Hedick, owner-operator at Integrity Homebuyers in Florida. He’s been using Call Porter’s new Lead Management service to pull more deals from his leads, in the background, while he works on the business.

Here’s what he said in the video below:

“… started using  Lead Management with Call Porter about two months ago and it’s really been a game changer for me. You’re able to start at maybe just a couple hours a day if that’s what’s needed and grow as you grow. But really acknowledging what I don’t do well which is the consistent and effective follow up to squeeze every dollar out of your marketing and help with the organization…

TJ lead management service

Here’s how it works:

1. No language barriers and blown-up deals

One of the most frustrating parts of hiring someone international is deals being squashed because the rep said something… dum. Or there’s confusion due to language barriers. Call Porter’s reps are “home-grown”, and US-based. They understand all the colloquialisms and slang of Americans.

They’ll connect with your sellers as if they’re your local personal assistant, following up.

2. Consistency done for you

Follow-up takes consistency if you want it to work. And most investors struggle with carving a slice of their day to chase leads… Call Porter adds that consistency for you so leads don’t fall through the cracks.

3. They know your seller

Call Porter’s reps are trained specifically in RE (they only work in the real estate industry, unlike other call/answer centers in multiple industries that don’t understand what a motivated seller sounds like). These reps spend ALL day talking to sellers, so they know them well. The owners of Call Porter (both investors and operators, still today), have trained and implemented a proven script and program.

4. Bookings on your calendar and CRM

They operate in your CRM. They’re your dedicated lead manager (at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee) who’ll work your leads and book new appointments on your calendar.

5. You choose your own “personal office rep”

After you interview and select your favorite Lead Manager to be assigned to you, they’ll work under you, every day, for a select number of hours following up with leads, managing them in your CRM, and booking the appointments on your calendar.

Limited Spots

Since Call Porter only selects their best US-based call reps to do lead management— and it takes time to train a proper lead manager… there are limited spots.

Apply below to see if you qualify for your own dedicated Lead Manager!