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How, Exactly, Does Call Porter Fit Within Your Business?

You’ve been following us for a while.

You’ve read some of our blog posts, you’ve received our emails, you get our texts, but you’re still wondering…

How, exactly, can you help me grow my business?

And it’s that question I intend to answer within this article.

I’m excited to tell you, that, at Call Porter, we help hundreds of top real estate investors around the nation. We help those investors build bigger businesses. We allow them to spend time on the things that they love doing (rather than energy-sucking tasks). And we help them grow their business without becoming enslaved to their business…

(which happens to SOOOOO many entrepreneurs)

That’s our passion.

That’s what we’ve set out to do — to provide investors with more freedom in their businesses, more time to spend working on their businesses rather than in their businesses.

This is how we’re doing that…

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If you don’t answer the phone when a motivated seller calls, you’ve lost at least $10,000…

Look — a normal ol’ half-committed seller might call you, leave a voicemail, and patiently wait for you to return their call.

But a motivated seller?

really motivated seller?

No way in hell.

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Because the moment that they call you and it goes to voicemail, they’re going to call all of your competitors. That, after all, is what defines a “motivated” seller — they want to solve their problem right now. Which means they’re doing everything in their power to find someone who can buy their house fast for cash.

If you don’t answer the phone the first time that they call, then you’ve lost at least $10,000 in wholesale fees.


Which is the first and primary way that we help real estate investors all around the U.S. grow their businesses much more quickly — we answer the phone for you so you never miss another call, never let another lead go to voicemail, and never lose upwards of $10k because you were trying to have dinner with your family for once.

At Call Porter, we answer calls live (they don’t go to voice mail) and the average call is picked up in less than 12 seconds.

We pride ourselves on those metrics and constantly strive to improve our own records.

After qualifying the motivated seller, we take notes, send you the info, and even book a follow-up appointment with your acquisitions rep (or you, if you’re filling that role right now).

Here’s Nick Aalerud commenting on our service.

When your leads call, our first goal is to build rapport for your business and our second goal is to book a follow-up appointment with that lead…

We want to make you look good and we want the seller to feel that you’re the best fit for their business.

That’s what we pride ourselves on doing.

Our U.S.-based, expert-trained reps use the best sales tactics in the world to qualify your leads and book an appointment before you ever talk with them.

Our rigorous sales training is based heavily on How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie — master of psychology.

In fact, before any of our reps can even start answering the phone, they have to spend several months shadowing someone else, reading through our detailed trainings, and memorizing our scripts.


Because your success is our success. And our reps must be top-notch if your business is going to become what you want it to become.

We even have an incredible CRM via Podio that we give to our clients. And we’re constantly trying to figure out new and amazing ways to make our clients businesses grow faster, smoother, and with less effort.

The best part?

For every single one of our clients, we’re pulling it off. 🙂

Okay okay… sounds amazing right?

But let’s address the elephant in the room: we’re quite a bit more expensive than most live answering service options out there…


Well… we don’t hire beginning sales experts, we spend a ton of money on building new software solutions for our client’s problems (at no extra cost to them), and we have an incredible support team.

In other words… you get what you pay for.

Look — I have nothing against hiring overseas VAs who can charge far less money than U.S. based employees (sometimes as low as $1 per hour), but for building the best live answering service in the world for real estate investors…

…that’s just not going to cut it.

When Ryan started building this business (initially he only used it as his secret weapon for his own investing business), he focused entirely on the quality of the service. It wasn’t until later than he offered the service to other investors around the U.S. and realized that we’d need to be more expensive than most answering services… because we’re so much higher quality.

We pride ourselves on being a high-quality service that serves top-quality real estate investors. 

You could go online and search for “cheap live answering service” and you’d find services for as little as $1 per day. But will that really help your business… or hurt your business?

Here’s what Nick Aalerud thought when I interviewed him…

That’s the problem…

Other inexpensive answering services know next to nothing about your real estate investing business (unless you’re going to train them… but how the heck does that save you time?) and they often hire overseas remote workers to cut down on costs.

But at Call Porter, we don’t cut corners.

We’re not interested in cutting corners.

We deliver the best service we possibly can for our clients and we’ll do so well into the future.

We are 110% committed to our mission, we believe in honest and ethical marketing, and if a client feels they haven’t been treated fairly, then we’ll do everything in our power to make it right. Plain and simple.

Because that’s the kind of business I want to be a part of — and I know Ryan is on the same page.

So… if you’re ready to grow your business to its next level, if you’re ready to work on building your business rather than being trapped inside your business, if you’re sick of spending all your time on the phone with sellers…

Then schedule a free demo with us and we’ll see if it’s a fit.

Who knows?

Might transform your business completely. 🙂

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