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Here’s What a Great Sales Call Sounds Like [Recording Included]

What does a great sales call sound like?

It’s easy to read about sales theory and best practices… but getting to actually listen to (and analyze) a successful saleperson is unusual.

And yet, the best way to learn how to be a great salesperson is to listen to great salespeople as they work their magic. It allows you to better understand pacing and tone, identify new sales tactics, and audit the effectiveness of your own sales calls.

At Call Porter, we take phone calls for real estate investors all day long… and our reps are expertly trained to speak with motivated sellers, driving every lead toward the most important next step.

And here’s just one example where our sales rep, Crissy, turns the prospect into a promising appointment.

Listen for yourself (confidential information has been edited out).

That call might not be as exciting or thrilling as you expected, but where it counts… it was effective. 

In fact, our client went on to turn that appointment into a $36,000 pay day.

And here are three things that Crissy did exceptionally well on that sales call.

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1. She Lets The Prospect Talk Without Interrupting

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Great sales means listening to people… even when what they’re saying feels unimportant.

There are many points within this sales call where you might have been tempted to interrupt and to try and move the call forward. But Crissy listens patiently and waits for her opportunity to speak.

And when she does, it’s in an effort to make the next little bit of progress.

She isn’t in a hurry, though, and that shows in her relaxed tone of voice and in the fact that she doesn’t interrupt the prospect.

Pushy salespeople interrupt their prospects… and they lose deals because of it.

The lesson, then, is simple: listen more, talk less.

2. She Treats Obstacles As Insignificant

What is the proper way to deal with obstacles during a sales call?

The answer to that depends on a lot of different factors.

In Crissy’s case — since she’s a sales rep that makes appointment with new leads — she’s not in a position to make promises or speak to people’s specific challenges. She can (and is!) empathetic with her reponses, saying things like “I totally get it” or “I understand.”

In her situation, she responds perfectly to the challenges and concerns that the prospect mentions.

She listens and she empathizes, but then she gently guides the discussion forward.

If the prospect were to have demanded an answer to a specific objection, then Crissy would have simply said they’d have more answers at the appointment. but that she didn’t have the authority to make those sorts of decisions.

3. She’s Systematic

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The marketing world currently seems hypnotized by salespeople like ‎Jordan Belfort, Grant Cardone, and hollywood-crafted sales scenes from the Wolf Of Wallstreet.

But the truth is, sales isn’t nearly as flashy or glamorous as all of that.

Real sales that works to generate leads, close deals, and grow your business is actually pretty systematic.

You should be asking mostly the same questions, using the same phrases, and closing in the same way (with slight variations, of course).

That’s not to say that you should ignore the slight nuances of each conversation — you should embrace them — but as for how a sale is made? It’s pretty similar each and every time.

And as you can tell in Crissy’s call, her systematic style serves her and the prospect.

It creates momentum and pushes the call forward toward making an appointment.

And that’s exactly what your sales system should strive to accomplish.

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