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Here’s Our Done-For-You Marketing Plan For Real Estate Investors

Marketing can be one of the most difficult parts of building a real estate investing business.

If you’re not finding deals, then you’re not doing deals.

The goal is to create systems and processes that make finding deals as easy as possible. That way, you can focus on growing your business.

Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Still, when it comes to real estate marketing, the name of the game is consistency.

The more consistent you are with you’re marketing, the more successful you’re going to be, period.

And to prove that marketing doesn’t need to take tons of your time, we created this simple done-for-you marketing plan that will help you along the way to success.


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1. Send Personalized Mailers Every Single Week

There is a rhythm to the flow of potential deals in any market.

A market might have a lot of deals during a particular season, and fewer deals just a couple months down the road. These fluctuations are normal. And where there’s inconsistency in the market, the investor must remain steadfast.

This is as true in the stock market as it is in the real estate market.

Don’t gamble all of your marketing budget on a single season. Instead, get in the habit of sending the same amount of mailers every single week — whatever is a reasonable number for your business. Send those mailers to different lists and recycle lists every few months or so.

To get the best performance possible, we recommend using mailers from our sister company, Ballpoint Marketing, where you can get hand-written letters at an affordable cost.

2. Run Effective Facebook Ads & Spend a Little Time on SEO

Facebook ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are two of the best ways to market your real estate investing business.

The first can provide you with leads quickly and the second can create longevity for your business.

To create effective Facebook ads, just go look at what your top competitors are doing. Go to their Facebook Page, click on “Page Transparency”, and you can see all of the ads that they’re running.

Examine a few of your competitor’s ads and take notes on what their sales copy and images are like. Then contemplate how you might try to do something similar.

Don’t copy them verbatim, of course, but why not try something similar to what they’re doing?

If it’s working for them, it’ll probably work for you as well!

As for SEO, get in the habit of publishing blog posts on your website that target specific keyword phrases. You can use Ubersuggest to find high-value keyword phrases. And here’s a helpful article that shows you how to optimize your pages to rank in Google.

3. Hire Someone To Answer The Phone For You

If you follow our previous advice of sending personalized mailers every week, running effective Facebook ads, and spending a little time on SEO, the good news is that you’re going to start generating quite a few leads… predictably.

The bad news is that your phone is going to start ringing like crazy.

The more mailers you send and Facebook ads you run, the more the phone is going to ring.

And while all of those leads are exciting, it can quickly distract you from working on important business-growth tasks like polishing processes, creating systems, and hiring employees.

That’s why more than 100 U.S. investors use our expert-trained reps to answer the phone for them. We answer the phone when it rings, we know how to talk to motivated sellers, we’ll ask the right questions, and we’ll even schedule a follow-up appointment with you or your Acquisitions Manager.

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