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FEAR Is Your Compass For Reaching Your Next Level Of Success (Here’s How To Use It)

What are you afraid of?

If you’re like me, then you’re afraid of things like public speaking, taking a jaunt down dark alleyways, hiring people and hoping they’re the right person for the job, delegating, growing my business too fast, and growing my business too slow.

Unfortunately, fear is easy.

It doesn’t take much to be afraid.

But what if I told you that fear is just a signal, a message telling you which direction will lead to your next level of success, like a metaphorical compass?

What if I told you that the thing you most fear doing is the very thing your growth depends on?

And what if I told you that doing the thing you fear won’t be all that scary once you actually do it?

Let me explain.

I believe Call Porter can help you reach your next level. Do you?

Fear is not your enemy, even though it feels like it.

When you’re trying to grow your business and hire the perfect acquisitions manager, spend money on a service that could increase how many deals you do every month, or expand into a new market…

…your fear-muscle twitches into full gear.

  • Well, you know… the last time you hired someone, it didn’t go so well.  
  • And do you really have the money to invest in that service? Will you even use it? 
  • And maybe you shouldn’t expand into a new market — that could go horribly wrong if you choose the wrong market. 

On and on it goes.

But here’s the thing — those are actually great questions for you to ponder when you’re afraid of doing something. You probably should think about why your last hire didn’t work out and how you can make this upcoming hire a success. And you probably should consider whether you have the budget or not for the service you want to purchase. And you probably should be extra careful about entering a new unknown market.

In other words, your FEAR is giving you great advice! It’s telling you exactly what to do, what to think about, and how to prepare.

Problem is, we take it personal.

When you commit to a new growth-strategy, to doing something that could make all the difference in your personal life and in your business, you’re probably going to experience fear.

If you don’t immediately, then you will down the road.

But that is not a bad thing.

In fact, fear typically means that…

  1. You’re doing something you’ve never done before (which is called growing and learning and is a good thing).
  2. And you need to prepare extra carefully because you’ve never done it.

That’s it — plain and simple.

In the book, 3 Feet From Gold, Sharon Lechter discusses fear and how it destroys many otherwise incredible people’s potential:

“Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”

She also says this…

“The most common cause of failure is quitting.”

And this…

“Never make a major decision in a valley.”

The truth is…

Fear is your friend, and you can use it to reach your full potential.

Deep down, you know exactly what you need to do in order to get what you want out of life and out of business — your brain is literally the most powerful super computer on the planet.

It might scare you. You might feel inadequate. It might be more work than you’re ready to take on, but you can do it. You can do what it takes to grow your business, to achieve financial independence, and to live your dream life.

But you’re gonna have to get used to doing things that scare you. Here’s how Ryan Dossey explains it as it relates to his own entrepreneurial journey.

But how can you use fear as your compass for what to do next?

How can you use it to reach your next level of growth and development?

A few ways.

First, by recognizing what fear is — a signal indicating that you’re about to do something you’ve never done before (which is a good thing) and that you need to prepare extra carefully for it.

And that’s exactly how you should respond — by preparing more than you usually do.

Have a track record of hiring lazy employees? Create extra checks and balances, make your interview process longer, and get a second opinion.

Scared of investing in a new product or service that could scale your business? Chat with people who’ve already purchased it and ask them their honest opinion about your situation.

Nervous about going into a new market? Spend triple the time on due diligence, make lots of phone calls to local agents and investors, and maybe even visit the market in-person.

Oh — and if you’ve done everything you can to prepare… but you’re still afraid, then follow this last piece of advice…

Be afraid. Do it anyways.

Do you know what happens when you’re scared as hell but you still hire that new team member, purchase that game-changing service, enlist a coach, or enter a new market?

The fear slips away.

In fact, the best way to beat fear is to do the very thing that scares you. As Seneca believed,

“We suffer more in imagination than in reality.”

But how can you get yourself to bite the bullet and do what needs to be done, regardless of your inner turmoil? For that, you might take advice from Mel Robbins, author of The 5 Second Rule, where she teaches you to count down 5-4-3-2-1 and do whatever it is you’re afraid of doing (or at least, take the first step), regardless of how you feel about it.

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Because, as she well understands, something critical happens between the moment we know we need to do something and when we actually commit: we hesitate.


Usually, because we’re afraid.

What’ya say we get rid of that fear together, right now? You game?


What do you need to do to grow your business, to become a better person, or to be happier in your life — you know you need to do it — but you haven’t done it yet?

Just choose one thing.

Got it? Good.

Now count with me.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Off ya go.

I believe Call Porter can help you reach your next level. Do you?