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Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Real Estate virtual assistants  can be one of the best ways to efficiently scale your real estate business. Where to look? As investors ourselves we’ve had great luck finding data entry assistants, designers, and programmers on sites like Upwork. What does Harvard Say? Harvard Business Review did a study in 2009 stating that you should outsource …

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Real Estate Call Center

Real Estate call center services are vital to wholesalers, flippers, and landlords alike. We get asked by clients all the time why they should switch from (competitor a) or (competitor b) to Call Porter. As investors ourselves we know just how hard it can be to transfer over a service that is so vital to …

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Why Us?

Call Porter was built off the experience of investors. We personally use the service in our markets every day. Several of our clients are friends, family and even our mentors. Our goal was to revolutionize the live answering expectations of investors. The team taking your calls should know how probates, evictions, foreclosures, and divorce affect …

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