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Case Study With Real Estate Investor, Nick Aalerud: “It was costing me a tremendous amount of leads and money…”

Is Call Porter’s service a fit for your business?

It’s a question I could answer myself by shouting “YES!” in your ear, but that’d be dishonest… wouldn’t it?

I don’t know your business, I don’t know how much profit you’re making, how your last year has gone, or how much free time you have on your hands. I know that Call Porter can help a large portion of real estate investors save time, grow their bottom-line, and build a business that they’re proud of (otherwise we wouldn’t be in business at all), but I don’t know your specific situation.

Only you know that.

Still, I’d like to help you determine whether Call Porter is a fit for your business… and what better way to do that than by introducing you to one of our most dedicated members?

I recently hopped on a video call with Nick Aalerud, a real estate investor in Boston who’s been with us (Call Porter) for two years now.

So rather than tell you what I think, let’s talk about what Nick thinks.

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Nick’s Troubling Story of Becoming a Real Estate Investor

As with most beginning real estate investors, Nick ambitiously dove headfirst into an industry he didn’t fully understand. For many investors, doing so has relatively small repercussions — with a little luck and adaptability, most things can be avoided. Just so happens that nick didn’t have luck on his side.

Here is the BiggerPockets article that he is referring to.

Soooo yeah… Nick’s situation didn’t start off good. Eventually, though, he got his financial feet under him and started building a successful business.

As a solopreneur doing just between 8 and 10 deals per year, he managed almost everything himself. He’d create marketing materials, answer phone calls, make offers, manage repairs, and find buyers. He was the horse, driver, and carriage for his business — as is the case for most starting entrepreneurs.

And back then, it wasn’t much of a problem. It was busy, to be certain, but it worked.

Once Nick started trying to grow multiple businesses at the same time, once he started building a team, once his business started thriving, he didn’t have the time or energy to answer the phone every time it rang.

He needed to delegate.

And he started by using an in-house person, and then he tried two of the top answering services in the nation.

“How Did Other Answering Services Compare to Call Porter?”

Nick explains it best…

And he isn’t joking when he says those lost leads were costing him a “tremendous amount of money”. Later on in the call, he quotes his company’s cost-per-lead to be somewhere between $150 and $650. That’s no small sum. Every lead counts, and Nick needed a service which would support his business and sustain his business rather than hurting his business.

Actually, that’s why Ryan founded Call porter in the first place. In Ryan’s own real estate business, he wanted to delegate call answering so he tried some of the big services available. Sure enough, he ran into the same troubles that Nick encountered, which is when he started Call Porter — originally as a service his own real estate business and now as a service for real estate investors all around the nation.

“How Has Call Porter Helped You?”

In addition to answering calls for his business, Nick loves how we book follow-up meetings with qualified leads on his company calendar, supporting his own in-house lead manager.

I’m so familiar with this feature that I may have actually forgotten how valuable it is to our members — Nick, who’s tried multiple other answering services, proclaims, “That’s something that’s unheard of.”

See for yourself…

“How Has Call Porter Exceeded Your Expectations?”

But of course, I didn’t just want to know how we’ve done everything that Nick expected us to do — I wanted to know how we’ve exceeded his expectations, something we strive to do with every investor who works with us.

His answer?

Call answering representatives who know how to deal specifically with motivated sellers and start building healthy rapport for his business — he even claims that we are the ones that he’s “found to do that the best so far.

“What Advice Would You Give To Someone Who’s On The Fence About Working With Call Porter?”

The truth is, Call Porter’s service isn’t a fit for every real estate investor. We’re a little more expensive than other general call answering services and we don’t use different scripts for each client. We stick to what we know and we try our best to do a damn good job of it.

If you’re a beginning real estate investor, then your budget probably doesn’t support Call Porter’s cost, but stay in touch and maybe we’ll meet somewhere down the road 🙂

If you’re a successful real estate investor but aren’t willing to give up control of your business, then working with Call Porter is going to be a real challenge for you (as it will be when trying to delegate to anyone).

But if you run a thriving real estate business and you’re looking to delegate your inbound lead management and call answering to someone who knows what they’re doing, then we’d love to help you, give us a call — (800) 347-9296

I’ll let Nick finish with this…


So… is Call Porter’s service a fit for your real estate business?

I don’t know…

But hopefully you do. 🙂

And if you still have questions for us or would like to pick our brains, you can schedule a free demo by clicking the link below or just give us a call at (800) 347-9296. Either way, we wish you the best and we’ll come at you again soon with more content to help you grow your business.

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