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Avoiding Burnout With Your Acquisitions Managers

Your Acquisitions Manager Should NEVER field your inbound calls.

As real estate investors we all know that getting a good deal is the most important part of our industry! If you don’t have a deal you don’t need financing, property management, leases, contracts, or staff.

The #1 responsibility of an acquisitions manager is negotiating, acquiring, and locking up great deals. This month alone my acquisitions manager has had 187 new leads come in that he needs to analyze, make offers on, run appointments on, negotiate with, and follow up on. Can you imagine if he was also required to talk to every telephone tough guy, tire kicker, and take me off the list that came in?

Intro… Burnout

What happens when you ask your AM to field all your leads as well? The number one thing that we see is burnout. They start to drop the ball on follow-ups, process leads more slowly, and start to miss more calls. Is a closers highest and best use talking to unqualified prospects?


A friend and client of mine was using this approach and noticed a sharp decrease in profits. I proposed that he set Call Porter up as a back up and we see how many calls his AM was missing. The results were staggering. His AM was missing 100’s of motivated seller calls. You can check out his review of Call Porter here:

Brandyn went from doing 3-4 deals a month to 5-7 with one simple tweak!

Check it out:

He worried his acquisitons…

Posted by Call Porter on Monday, May 14, 2018


The neat thing is that he has had multiple six figure months since!

What is Call Porter?

If you’re a real estate investor looking for a call center that specializes in dealing with motivated sellers you’ve found it.

Our team takes over 5,000 calls a month and we only work with investors. Our average call is answered in under ten seconds. Last month less than 0.038% of calls were missed. Can you say the same for your business?

It’s just me… I don’t have a team.

If you don’t have an acquisitions manager that’s totally fine. Most of us start out as solopreneurs wearing a lot of hats. Call Porter was founded with the mission of turning one man/woman shows into actual businesses. The idea is that by just hiring one employee (Acquisitions manager) and us carrying the weight of your inbound calls you can get out of the day to day and work on your business vs. inside of it.

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