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Affiliates & Coaches

It pays to refer your coaching student, friends, and family to Call Porter. How? In Real Estate, success is often based on the connections you have. Call Porter has revolutionized businesses for Investors throughout the United States. We need help getting the word out and are prepared to put our money where our mouth is!


If you run any sort of a mastermind, coaching group, or blog, we’d love to work with you. Your students will be set up with the best chances for success. If you pair Call Porter with one of our recommended mail houses, all your students have to do is show up, and meet with sellers. They don’t get burned out, they don’t drop the ball on leads, and you can access their KPI’s anytime you’d like. Have you ever had a student get upset that they’re not closing deals? Imagine being able to know how many calls they had, the outcome, and being able to collaborate with them right in our CRM. If you’ve got your clients in front of motivated sellers, you’ve added more value to them than 99% of Real Estate coaches. That value leads to more students, greater rates of retention, and increased satisfaction.

How Does It Work?

You’ll receive a monthly check from us for every month your student automates with Call Porter. You’ll get paid anytime they use one of our “perks” and you’ll have access to them at cost. By setting up group pricing, your students will also save money every month over our typical subscription costs. It also gives you the flexibility to easily swap students in/out when they graduate.


If you’re an existing Call Porter member we will give you 50% off your next bill for your first referral. After that we’ll start to send you checks. You’ll receive a percentage of every referrals’ monthly bill for as long as they’re with us. We have an extremely low churn rate so this can add up to a substantial amount of passive income.


We believe that to effectively present our services, you need to have firsthand experience with them. How can you sell something ethically you’ve never used? We believe in our services so much that we rely on them every single day in our personal investment markets. We want you to be able to experience that as well!

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