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6 Uncommon Tips For Closing More Deals

You want to work less… you want to make more.

And that’s not unreasonable. Actually, it’s very reasonable. It’s why I’m a part of growing Call Porter, the primary business that I’m a part of — because I want more time freedom and a bigger paycheck every month.

For me, I want those two things because it allows me to spend more time with my family, it allows me to travel the world, and it allows me to enjoy my life more.

Maybe you have similar motivations, or maybe you’re motivations are totally different — it doesn’t much matter, to be honest.

What does matter, though, is that you’re consistently working toward generating more leads and closing more deals.

(You can’t, after all, fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams without making money)

To help, here are 6 uncommon tips for closing more deals and getting one step closer to the paradise you daydream about.

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1. Remain Unfazed by Difficult Prospects

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You’re a real estate investor, so I’m going to assume that you already know how difficult some prospects can be. Sometimes, it seems that there’s no end to the creative insults and grainy attitudes of home sellers who think their home is worth ten times its actual value.

And in those tense moments where a prospect is aggravated, cursing, or even yelling, it’s tempting to throw back a few verbal punches.

(I know. I’ve been there before.)

But you’d be surprised at how many of those prospects will actually convert a few weeks down the road if you continue to treat them with (undeserved) respect.

Most the time, they’re just stressed and upset with their situation, they aren’t actually angry with you. So keep your cool, treat them with respect even when they’re not returning the favor, and follow-up with them once they’ve cooled off.

2. Tell a Story

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In the above diagram, you can get a feel for how impactful stories are on our human brains. We love stories, we connect with stories, but most importantly, stories drive us to take action.

If it worked out for the person in the story, or so we think, then it will likely work out for me, too. 

Which illustrates why you should consider telling more stories when on the phone with prospects — stories of how your service has helped people in the past.

In the words of Jill Konrath, “Be a storyteller. Share examples of how you’ve helped other customers improve. Be able to explain how they were doing things before, the challenges they faced, and the results they’ve achieved since working with you.”

3. Email Over a Contract With Your Cash Offer

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There’s something powerful about seeing a contract.

Many prospects will mistakenly assume, for example, that when you make your cash offer, there will be lots of hidden costs that knock the price down. They’ll be unsure of how accurate your offer is. Many will be wondering whether they can trust you to hold true to your promise.

But send a contract over… and those worries disappear (“Sign on the dotted line and voila, donezo”).

Grant Cardone explains, “Always present a proposal in writing. People do not believe what they hear — they believe what they see. Always have a contract available and a writing pad. Points of value should be written down to show buyers what they get when they make a decision with you.”

4. Say, “Why not give us a try?”

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The more that you can remove risk for the prospect, the more likely they are to work with you.

One way to get more people to at least be willing to receive a cash offer from you is to say something to the effect of, “Why not give us a try? There’s no risk involved to get a cash offer from us.”

Save the heavy salesmanship for once the cash offer has been sent (and definitely send a contract with the offer — see point #3).

Brian Tracy explains it like this: “The first way to ask for the buying decision is the simplest of all. You say, ‘Well then, why don’t you give it/us a try?’ This is one of the disarmingly effective closing techniques. Or you can even say, ‘Why don’t you take it?’ You then reinforce this by adding the words, ‘And I’ll take care of all the details.’ Often a customer didn’t know how much he or she wanted it until you offered to take care of all the details.”

5. Personalize the Funnel From A-Z

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There’s a simple marketing truth that many of your competitors forget to pay any attention: relationships sell. And the more that you can personalize your entire motivated seller funnel (from A-Z), the more deals you’ll close. Period.

After off, people don’t want to just be spokes in a wheel of your business — they want to know that you have their best interest at heart, that you’re in the trenches with them.

But how do you personalize the entire experience without wasting tons of time?

Here are a few ideas…

  1. Send hand-written direct mail (to do so en masse – check out Ballpoint Marketing).
  2. Use a CRM to keep all your lead info organized.
  3. Never miss a phone call (check out how Call Porter can help).

6. Join a Local Meetup

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Few things can create the same the word-of-mouth buzz that engaging with the people in your area of operation creates. There’s something really powerful about consistently talking with important people in your community, meeting with other investors, and even visiting the same coffee shops over and over again.

The more that people see you in the community, the more that they talk to you, then the more they will trust you if they ever want to sell their home (or if they know someone who needs to sell their home). You can check out Meetup to find local meet-ups in your market.

Call Porter can help you close more deals — click to find out how (free demo)


To acheive the financial freedom and time freedom that you dream of every day, you’re going to need to think a little outside the box. You can’t just do what your competition is doing — you have to aim higher.

And you can use the above 6 uncommon tips to close more deals and build a business you can be proud of. Let us know how it goes!