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6 Dead-Simple Ways To Convert More Motivated Sellers (Without Working Longer Days)

You want to close more deals. Because more deals means more profit for your business, less time working for “The Man”, and more ability to grow your business.

Plus, there’s just something that feels good about closing more deals and achieving personal success. It feels good to make money on your own time. And it feels good to be a success.

(Adios, 9-5 job)


You don’t have time to sit down for 6 more hours per day, working to generate more leads and close more deals. Ideally, you’d like to close more deals without spending a bunch more time sitting at your desk.

To help, here are 6 super easy ways to convert more motivated sellers without spending a bunch of time on it.

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1. Create an automated follow-up sequence

Most of the deals you could close from the leads you’re already getting won’t close on your first contact. And that’s not just my opinion or my experience, that’s cold, hard science.

In fact, 80% of sales require five follow-ups. Just check out how big of an impact following up has made on Ryan Dossey’s business.

So you need to follow up with your leads if you’re going to grow your business. And while calling them is probably the most effective way to follow-up, a mixture of email and text messages will also do the trick — both of which you can completely automate. You can use a tool like SimpleTexting to automate text messages and any Email Service Provider (like Mailchimp) to automate email follow up.

The most important thing is to follow-up, regardless of how you do it or what medium you use.

And to make it even easier, you can steal these 3 follow-up scripts we created and tweak them a bit for your own business.

2. Answer the phone when it rings

This is perhaps the easiest way to automatically increase how many deals you close. It takes no additional time and requires very little effort.

The problem is, you have a million different things going on — you rightly want to spend time with your family without being interrupted by incoming leads, you still have to go see houses, prepare contracts, and work on growing your business. 

You know you need to answer the phone when it rings (following up with leads within 5 minutes makes you 9 times more likely to engage with them).

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But you might not have the time to actually avoid calls going to voicemail. If that’s you, check out Call Porter — we literally help hundreds of top investors around the nation solve just this problem.

Or if you do still have the time to answer the phone yourself, then get to it — you’ll be losing deals otherwise.

3. Add a testimonial to your website (and tell stories often)

Humans are wired for stories. Stories are what we think of when we’re considering buying a product or service, or working with someone like a real estate investor.

Will the service help us? Where will we be if we sign up for the service? How will it benefit us?

We don’t just answer these questions logically when thinking about them, we imagine the scenarios. In other words, we tell ourselves stories about what will or will not happen.

And one easy way to convert more motivated sellers is to tell more stories — stories of people who’ve worked with you in the past, stories of how you can help the prospect, and stories about how that will directly impact them.

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Nothing converts better than a story does. So add a testimonial to your website and maybe even a case study. Then prepare yourself to tell more stories whenever you’re talking to a prospect on the phone. They’ll appreciate it and you’ll close more deals.

4. Add one of these phrases to your sales scripts

Sometimes, a single sentence or even a single word can change a prospect’s mind about whether they want to work with you or not. In sales, words are power. And using the right words can help you build a bigger business and close twice as many deals with the same amount of leads.

Not too long ago, we put together this article with 5 REI sales phrases for obliterating objections and closing consistently — you might consider adding one or several of these to your sales scripts.

5. Send personalised marketing materials

Personalization is powerful. Everyone (i.e. your prospects) is used to marketing, seeing somewhere around 4,000 ads per day. They know what it looks like, what it feels like, and how to avoid it.

But when you personalize your marketing materials, it makes it feel more like a relationship between you and the prospect than a hard sales pitch. And people like that, believe it or not. Just consider how one of Ryan’s clients responded to his hand-written letters.

(You can use hand-written letters, too, over at Ballpoint Marketing — check it out!)

You can also add merge tags to your texts and emails to include the person’s name and make it feel a bit more personal. And you can use a CRM like InvestorFuse to keep track of prospect info to make each person feel welcome when they call (we do this at Call Porter for you).

6. Ask for referrals from past clients

Perhaps one of the easiest way to turn your existing leads and past clients into more leads and more closed deals is by asking for referrals. It’s dead simple and only takes a minute or two. Plus, it’s remarkably powerful. People are four times more likely to convert when they are referred by a friend and 92% of people trust referrals from people that they know.

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Make a habit of asking people for referrals after they’ve worked with you. And if you want to generate more leads for less money right now, call people who’ve worked with you in the past and ask if they know anyone who might be interested in your service.

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