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3 Ways To Analyze Your Competitor’s Marketing Efforts

What if you could analyze exactly how your local competitors are marketing their businesses?

Would that help you market your own?

More than likely.

At the very least, you’d learn a few new tricks for attracting and converting leads in your specific area. And if you analyze your top competitors, then you know you’re going to learn something interesting!

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to figure out what other investors in your area are doing.

And here are three of our favorite, dead-simple strategies for analyzing your top market competitors.

1. Opt-In On Their Website

This is the easiest way to learn how your competitors are reaching out to and following up with leads.

Just go to their website and opt-in.

How long does it take for them to call? Do they text or email you as well?

What do they say? What questions do they ask? What is their tone of voice like?

Do they retarget you with Facebook ads?

Most importantly, are they doing anything that you don’t do?

We recommend doing this on any investor’s website whose marketing you respect — there’s no better way to learn from the best!

And make sure you pay attention for a few months to see what their follow-up process is like.

2. Look At Their Facebook Ads

As a part of Facebook’s effort to make its platform more transparent and honest, they introduced their Ad Library, where anyone can see what advertisements a given Facebook Page is running.

Click here to explore it for yourself.

Then just type in the name of the page whose ads you want to browse through.

And voila! You can see all of the ads that page is currently running and all of the ads that page has ran in the past.

Again, we highly recommend doing this with any investor whose advertisements you respect and would like to mimic (obviously, don’t plagiarize).

Unfortunately, you can’t see how these ads have performed, but it’s still a great way to analyze your competitors and get ideas for your own Facebook ad campaigns.

And a little hint: if the page has been running an ad for a long time… then it’s probably a winner 😉

3. Check Out Their Traffic-Driving Keywords

Many seasoned real estate investors rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive consistent traffic and generate promising leads on their website.

But there’s more than enough room on the first page of Google for just them!

What if you could determine the search phrases that are driving them the most traffic and then try to rank your own website for those same phrases?

Well, you can… for free.

In fact, it’s really easy.

Just click here to go to Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest tool.

Type in the domain name of the competitors whose website you want to analyze. Then click on the “Organic Keywords” box and browse through the results, focussing on the keywords that are driving the most traffic (under “Est. Visits”).

Those numbers reveal how much website traffic their site gets per month from that keyword phrase.

And if they’re getting traffic from it… you could, too.

Just create a page dedicated to ranking for that phrase and see what happens — you might end up beating them at their own game!