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3 Signs That You’re Spending Too Much Time INSIDE Your Business

Why did you start building a real estate business?

So you can start working for yourself? So you can support your family on a generous self-created income? So you can make an impact on the world?

Maybe all of the above?

One thing is for sure… you didn’t start your real estate business so you could work longer hours, spend less time with family, and be constantly overwhelmed.

Ultimately, the goal was (and is) freedom… financially and personally.

But in an attempt to bulldoze their way to success, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of working so much inside of their businesses that they can’t actually grow their businesses, they can’t take vacations, and they can’t trust the people they’ve hired.

All entrepeneurs must learn to step outside of their businesses and hire trustworthy people to hold the reins while they focus on growing their businesses. 

That’s the only way forward.

And here are three signs that you’re spending too much time inside your business… and not enough time growing your business. 

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1. You Regularly Feel Overwhelmed

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Do you constantly feel overwhelmed by the number of to-dos every day? Like there’s just not enough hours to get done what needs to get done?

To some degree, that’s the nature of entrepreneurship.

Building a business often requires focus on mission-critical tasks and ignorance toward less important tasks.

(After all, there’s only so much time in the day)

Still, if you consistently feel overwhelmed, chances are… you haven’t created a reliable system and hired reliable people to accomplish important recurring to-dos (finding new markets and sending mailers, answering the phone and following up with leads, acquiring properties and identifying buyers).

But if you want to start enjoying the benefits of the business you’ve built, then you’ve got to start oiling the machine… you’ve got to put the right people in the right place and create fool-proof processes that keep the business moving foward even when you’re not around.

2. Your Business Isn’t Growing

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Why don’t businesses grow?

To be fair, there are a lot of answers to that question… there are many reasons that a business doesn’t succeed.

But one of the top reasons that a business doesn’t grow to its full potential is because the entrepreneur unintentionally holds it back from massive success.

Because they are afraid of giving others responsibility, they spend too much time on urgent tasks — things that should be done by employees — and they fail to focus on growth tasks.

This leaves the entrepreneur overwhelmed, spinning their wheels… going nowhere.

If only they would step outside of their business, reinvest profit, hire trustworthy people, and focus their own time on building processes and leading the business, their business would be capable of growing again.

Is your business growing?

3. You Have a High Turnover Rate

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It’s no secret that having a high turnover rate is seriously frustrating.

When most people quit after just a few weeks or months, that means you have to spend time finding someone and spend money training that person.

Every quitter is a setback.

But it’s not just a setback… it’s also indicative of a deeper problem in your business; either you’re hiring people too fast, you’re managing in a way that creates a difficult work environment, you’re underpaying your employees, or something else.

All of those are signs that you’re spending too much time inside of your business… and too little time growing your business.

So spend a little extra time and money to hire people you can trust, train them well, give them responsibility, and unleash them to follow straight-forward processes that will steadily grow your business.

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