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3 Reasons You Should Ramp Up Your Marketing During The Holidays

Let me be blunt.

Ryan and I are NOT proponents of “the hustle” — the belief that working 15 hours per day for years on end is the only way to build a business.

That’s a good way to burn yourself out.

But we do believe that the holidays are a great time to ramp up your marketing efforts… for 3 reasons.

Namely, families get together and talk, your competition is taking a break, and 2021 starts with December.

Let me explain.

Note: I’m not telling you to work instead of spending time with family during the holidays. Take days off, enjoy time with the kids, and kick back. But at the same time, increase your marketing volume (mailers, ads, etc) so that you can go into 2021 with a bang — don’t be afraid to schedule follow-up calls with your leads after the new year if needed (you only get this time with your family once!).

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1. Families Get Together & Talk

Here’s the main reason why the holidays are such a great time to increase your marketing volume: families are getting together and talking about the future.

That might not be the intent of the holidays… but it happens either way.

“Dad, it’s time you sell that rental.”

“Mom, we’re going to have you move in with us.”

“I’m tired of the winters here. Maybe it’s time I retire. What do you guys think?”

“I’ve been thinking of getting a smaller place.”

Many families only get together a couple of times every year. But the holidays are a time when every family gets together.

And they have important conversations… about everything from relationship and finances to selling that home they’ve been needlessly holding onto.

In other words, the holidays are a great time to increase your marketing because your market is thinking about selling more than they usually do.

2. Your Competition is Slowing Down

To win a race, you should train hard, dial in your nutrition, and increase your mental fortitude.

But you know the real secret to winning a race?

You’ve seen it before.

Someone starts at the back of the pack. They’re keeping up, but for the most part, it doesn’t seem like there’s any way they’re going to win.

Then, on the last lap, when the other runners are burning out, this unassuming runner picks up his pace, tapping into the energy he conserved. One by one, he passes everyone in front of him. And he comes in clutch to win the gold.

When your competition slows down, you should speed up.

The holiday season is when most of your competitors are taking it easy and decreasing their marketing efforts — that leaves a lot of opportunity for your business.

And that’s one reason why increasing your marketing volume during the holidays is a good idea.

3. 2021 Starts in December

One of the reasons that so many people don’t succeed in their new year goals is that January starts in December.

Most people don’t understand this.

They party hard on new years night and then expect to wake up as a different person with a more successful business, better relationships, and more discipline.

But they failed to prepare for making those important changes.

You can’t go from A-Z overnight. You’ve got to chop the wood, prepare the flint, and lay down the kindling before you can light a fire.

To do that, your December marketing efforts should reflect the results you want to see in January — because there’s going to be lag time.

Your January marketing starts right now. And if you don’t ramp up, then you’re going to start off 2021 a bit behind your goals.

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