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3 Little-Known Success Habits That Every Business Owner Should Build

Success happens when, day-in and day-out, you do the work necessary to meet your goals.

That’s the dream, right? That the actions you take will match the goals you’ve set, which will manifest the life you want to live.

But as an entrepreneur, you’ve got some lofty goals.

And reaching those goals requires consistent, focussed action — doing the right thing at the right time.

To become the sort of person who takes action consistently, you’ll need to build habits that propel you to the success you crave. And below are three habits that every business owner should build, ones that too few people talk about…

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1. Prioritize Each Day

Simon Sinek quote: To spend more money, you have to have more money...

Everyone has 24 hours in a day.

No one gets more, no one gets less. Even Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs only get 24 hours today… just like you.

It’s how you spend that time that really counts.

Unfortunately, many people with remarkable potential never discover the full scope of their impact because of how flippantly they use their time.

That’s why it’s so important to prioritize tasks every day.

If you start each day by determining what you must work on first, second, third, and fourth, then you will never neglect important tasks… you will never allow mission-critical to-dos to fall by the wayside.

Similarly, you will be forced to say “no” to things that don’t really matter… but that become easy distractions when your day is disorganized.

Every day, grab a piece of paper, and list out what your priorities are… you might even be surprised at how little you actually have to do to grow your business when you’re focussing on the right things.

2. Use The “Habit Loop” To Create Effortless Success

The Habit Loop | Book Review : The Power of Habit | by Laxmena ...

Why do humans do anything at all?

The psychological reason that you get out of bed, work, date your spouse, or do anything else is pretty much the same: because you get some sort of psychological or physiological reward for doing so.

Exercise produces endorphines, working hard gives you a sense of pride and progress, and dating your spouse gives you a sense of connection.

Ultimately, the habit loop dictates most of our lives… we do things because of how they make us feel.

It starts with a trigger that kicks us into action, and after taking action, we get some sort of feel-good reward. And while that might seem shallow, it actually reveals that secret to unleashing your productivity and effortlessly acheiving success.

You see, the more that you do a specific habit, the easier that habit is.

Waking up early, working on your business, saying “no”, exercising… do it long enough, and it becomes effortless.

And the key to effortlessly building a successful business is to build habits that make doing so easy.

In other words, fill your life with habits that you know will make you a successful entrepreneur… and then watch your business build itself.

3. Schedule Time To Rest

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The entrepreneurship world is inundated with messages about hustling and working 90-hour weeks in order to succeed.

Naturally, building a business does take a lot of work.

But building habits that make your success effortless (in the same way that you delegate to employees and create effective internal processes) is a far less painful path to acheivment than grinding and hustling.

And an important part of being an entrepreneur is finding time to rest and think and ideate.

You are the visionary for your business, after all, and if you don’t regularly step outside and look at what you’re actually building… you might build something you never intended to.

That’s why so many new business owners build a business that they can’t leave without it falling apart.

Ask yourself the hard questions now and build success habits now and you’ll thank yourself later.

Find Out How Call Porter Can Help You Take Your Business To The Next Level!